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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Posted Nov 09 2012 9:13am

Yes, I know it’s a Christmas song.  We keep singing it because this is the coldest weather that we have seen in GA in years. We had out first frost today already! It’s CRAZY!!

So. lets talk about the exercising that I haven’t been doing.  After I worked as a personal trainer I took some time off as you know and just never went back.  Before I left my first job I injured my arm (I was pressing 100# and my arm gave out) and thought I had pulled my tricep muscle.  Well, 4 months have gone by, and it’s getting worse.  I fear that it’s my rotator cuff and that scares the you-know-what out of me. (We don’t have health insurance).

I figure that I’ll cancel the gym membership I haven’t been using (classes are at 8:30 am and that is just a bit early for me, anyway.)  I have a full gym in my basement, so I think I’m going to turn into a basement worker-outer, lol.  Guess it doesn’t matter as long as I get it in.  There’s a reason I want to get fit, because we’re trying for baby #4! Glad I’m still semi in shape because the road to fitness will be cut by 3/4. :)

My “babies” a few years ago…

Yep. They like to make “funny” faces. This picture was taken probably 3 or 4 years ago!

Recently I started taking pictures of my food again and I will share some of the recipes as soon  as I tweak the blog.

As we all know, I’m big on green juice.  Are you wondering what is in it? Kale, spinach, celery, apples, lemon, cucumber, sometimes romaine lettuce, carrots and ginger. Trust me, it is good.  I don’t eat anything that isn’t palatable.

Green Juice for health

We always have a ton of people at the house that like to eat so I am constantly cooking something and thinking of new things.  I try for healthy and preservative free which is my whole shtick.  I’ve been eating this way for years and I do believe that it will increase life expectancy.  What I’m not happy about is GMO’s, but that’s an important story for another day.

Last night for dinner I made Grandma’s chicken.  Not my Grandma, but I doctored the recipe enough to make it my own.

Grandma’s Chicken

This chicken is baked in the oven uncovered and turns out perfect every time…and is so easy to make!

I’ve decided to mostly cut out my carbs because when I was eating Paleo it seemed to really work for me.  The carbs that I am referring to are refined; I am able to get fibrous carbs from green vegetables.

I LOVE Brussel Sprouts

The perfect meal.


Of course I made dessert.  Homemade Carrot Cake! It turned out fantastic and had a hint of cinnamon and spice. The kids liked it, so I guess I would label it “kid friendly”.

Eat Dessert First

Aren’t those plates adorable? I picked up a bunch of them at a garage sale last year that I just happened upon.

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

A bit ago my cat had kittens.  (We didn’t even know she was pregnant, so surprise! Two of the kittens met their demise (um, our neighbor mistakenly drove over one) but this one has survived and his name is Fatty thanks to Sophia. We keep our animals outside, we have 2 dogs and a huge area for them to run and a large dog house, 24 chickens and 3 cats.

Fatty the Kitten

I would love to bring him inside, but can’t stand the destruction that pets cause (and their messes!)

It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in Georgia today, even though we got a frost last night.

Coming soon: pictures of my winter garden (you have to love Georgia!!) and today Sean has a “Thanksgiving Lunch” at school so I will be sure to post pictures of the chaos.

Enjoy your Friday! Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Contact me on the Fit and Clean Facebook Page, or by Twitter @fitandclean, or my regular Facebook page Jessica Lauzon.



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