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Baby furniture delivery & healthy eats from the week (8/17)

Posted Aug 18 2012 10:08pm
Home Healthy Eating Baby furniture delivery & healthy eats from the week (8/17)

1 comment Aug 17/12 Healthy Eating, Healthy eats from the week, Pregnancy

I cannot believe that it is Friday already!  This week has gone by so quickly.

I’m extra excited for the weekend right now because our baby furniture will be delivered tomorrow!

Unfortunately, the glider and changer won’t be in until the end of the month or the beginning of next month, so we have to wait on those a bit longer.

I think that the manager at Bellini sensed my desperation when I called to check on our order earlier this week because she kindly offered to deliver everything else, so we can begin setting up the nursery in the meantime.

Once the furniture is in, I’ll definitely do another nursery progress post for you. :)

Speaking of the baby, check out this adorable necklace that my sister Melissa bought for me!


I have to admit that answering the “When are you due?” question constantly gets old, especially since I have pregnancy brain and need to pause to process both the question and my response every time.

This necklace does the talking for me. ;)

Despite my Krispy Kreme craving on Sunday, this week was filled with lots of healthy meals.

As you’ll see, I’ve been really into whole wheat wraps, avocado, eggs (both whole eggs and egg whites), and butternut squash soup.

Here are some of the highlights…


Healthy eats from the week

Egg white omelet with spinach and red onion (lightly sauteed in olive oil)


Sweet-glazed Arctic Char with corn salsa


Trader Joe’s whole wheat French Toast

Quinoa with sweet potato, red onion, kale, and Earth Balance coconut spread

Turkey burger over a salad

Panko baked chicken over salad

Baby carrots, red bell pepper, and hummus


Hummus wrap with apples and butternut squash soup

Whole wheat wrap with black olives, black beans, corn kernels, romaine, tomato, and avocado

Splurge of the Week

After that trip to Krispy Kreme, I can honestly say that I’ve had my fill of doughnuts for awhile.  In fact, just thinking about one turns my stomach.

That’s been the way with my pregnancy in general though.  I’ll love something one week and hate it the next.

Have you ever eaten so much of something that you can no longer eat it anymore?  

What are some of the healthy things you ate this week?

I’ll be checking in tomorrow with a weekly round-up!


  1. You rock with the healthy diet Erin! Way to go…and totally worth it to splurge on Krispy Kremes after being so disciplined :)

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