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Baby Clueless

Posted Apr 19 2012 2:46pm

Confession time, people – I am baby clueless.

I’m going to go ahead and place blame on my parents for not having more family friends over to the house and not exposing me to other children at a younger age. In their defense, my mom’s family is in the Philippines, and my dad’s family is pretty much all up north, so we didn’t have much family around growing up. But, my dad traveling for work didn’t help. I mean, it’s hard to have friends over when you’re not there, right? But in all seriousness, I really am jealous of the 12 year olds (and other kiddos) I see walking around helping their mom’s or mom’s friends out with their infants. They know how to hold them, change their diapers, and make them giggle. At 12, they already know more than I do about babies. *sigh* It’s not that I don’t want to know more about them, I just don’t. Someone please tell me that this doesn’t mean I will be a failure whenever I decide to finally become a mother. *fingers crossed*

Anywho, I went to my friend’s baby shower this past week, and in the tradition of all busy, working girls (ok, maybe it’s just me), I stopped on the way to the shower to pick up a gift.


Ahh…the baby superstore (aka store of confusion for the baby-clueless). I always feel so lost in these places. Luckily, these stores usually have a really great registry system and helpful people to show you exactly where things are so you don’t get too lost.


Dog toys? Not so much.


I’ll get the hang of this one day.


They had a really great drink at the shower – champagne punch. It’s basically strawberry slices, a bottle of champagne, and a can of Fresca. If you let the strawberries sit in the cup for awhile, they get all zippy, which makes them really fun to eat.


{The spread}

They had a great assortment of food.


The shower was from 3-5 and I’d already eaten lunch, so I got a little bit of a couple things to taste. I especially liked the chicken salad and bean salad.


And who doesn’t love a cupcake?


I know I do!


The baby shower was lovely. Everyone was so friendly, and the vibe was super low key and comfortable.


They even had fun games. This is my all-time favorite baby shower game – gift -BINGO! We played this while my friend opened her gifts. If she opened a gift on your sheet, you got to ‘X’ it. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but I did have a great time playing at least!!

Reader question: Are you baby clueless or a baby expert? Or maybe somewhere in between? Any other baby-clueless peeps who now have babies? Tell me there’s hope for me!! :)

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