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Baby Butler is 32 Weeks!!

Posted Mar 20 2013 3:49pm
Baby Growth: And we are 8 MONTHS!!!!  Finding out so early meant the first part of this pregnancy went by sooooo slow, but these last couple months (weeks especially) have FLOWN by!!! 

Jase is around 4 lbs now and 19 inches now, and he COULD be growing hair too!  It looked like he had hair during our 3D ultrasound, but it was too early to tell. I could really care less either way.

My Symptoms: Braxton Hicks!! Who knew?!? I’ve been having them this past week and a half & had no idea until I looked them up (thank you to my L&D nurse who commented). I was expecting them to be painful, so I think that’s what threw me off, but they don’t really hurt. It feels more like a tightening (where I thought he was just pushing out really hard) in the center or my tummy & below my belly button.

Last Tuesday I had some lower abdomen discomfort (same day as my doctor’s appt- she said it was probably round ligament pain). I thought it might have been from working out too hard (which seemed unlikely because my workouts are pretty low key), but I think it was just my body stretching and getting ready.  I felt completely back to normal by Wednesday, although I had SEVERAL people tell me I looked like I had dropped some that next day.

My hands started swelling a little for a day or two as well, but I increased my water intake and that went away.

I do have one spot in my lower back that is uncomfortable when I am doing Bradley stretches, so I’m going to the chiropractor to get an adjustment & hopefully that will take care of it.  I try to get Jon to massage it for me, but he’s pretty terrible at massages. (Hey, he can’t be perfect!)

Weight/Belly: At my appointment last week I was the same weight I had been at the previous two appointments (almost exactly), so at 32 weeks I am right at +20 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. I’m pretty certain a big chunk of that is in my boobs!! (I DEF prefer normal size to these monsters!) No stretch marks yet. (Stretch marks are genetic & have a lot to do with skin elasticity, but it’s still important to keep skin hydrated so I am using Coconut Oil daily on my tummy.)  My belly button is all the way out & not very attractive (ha!), but I am definitely mostly belly. Jon can no longer “palm” my belly with one hand either- it takes two!

Maternity Clothes: Thankfully it’ll be warm after Jase is born so I  can start rockin’ all those comfy cotton dresses that I love. SO ready for some (consistently) warm weather!!

I’m also thinking about writing a post on maternity clothes on a budget too.  I know everyone has different priorities, but for us, clothes are just not really a priority.  Jonathan & I do not spend very much money on clothes at all (and hey, we still look decent!). I have spent less than $100 total on maternity clothes, and part of that was even for new sports bras AND a formal dress! And I still feel like I look pretty cute. (I get compliments, so something must be workin’.) I think the key is to accessorize! (Thankful for the Mart so I can have lots of cute accessories on the CHEAP).

Honestly, I am MUCH more concerned about what I am putting IN to my body than what I am putting ON it.  I’m sure I’ll get some eye rolls for that one, but just seems like a pretty smart and logical concept. And after hearing Dr. Redman speak this weekend about nutrition during pregnancy, it just further validated everything I’ve read & studied. Nutrition during pregnancy plays a HUGE role in your child’s metabolic and overall health as they grow up. I’m kicking myself now for some of my food choices (especially early on), and although I’ve definitely eaten healthier in the past few months, this is a time when proper nutrition is absolutely crucial. At least I know for next time & I can help educate other expecting moms on the importance of this!!

Movement: I feel lots of rolls, elbows, knees, shoulders, etc. now The movement is so different now than the kicks in the beginning…It’s hard to describe, but feels more like the whole lava lamp thing. They are very strong & intense movements, so I can tell he is starting to get a little snug in there!!

Sleep: I miss a good night’s sleep!! I am not getting in bed early enough (such a simple solution- GO TO BED EARLIER!!!!! WHY is that so hard for me?). It takes me a while to get comfortable when I first get in the bed, and I wake up a few times each night to turn over. I HATTTTTTTTE to be on my back for even a second….I feel like I can’t breathe at all. I hope they don’t put me in that position very often at the hospital because I HATE it.

And crazy story. (Yea, livin’ the wild life if staying up too late doing laundry and oversleeping for work is your idea of a “crazy story,” huh?) Monday night I stayed up pretty late putting away clothes & doing the dishes (WHY? I have no idea! Nesting, maybe?). Tuesday morning I woke up to Jonathan calling me, & when I looked at my phone to answer I panicked when I realized it was 8:30!!!! And I was still IN THE BED!!!! {P.S. I’m supposed to be at work at 8:15!!!} This is the first time that has EVER happened to me. Normally I am at work doing morning duty by 8:30 and he never calls at that time, but he was calling to check on me because he heard there was a wreck on the road I take to work. I am SO glad he called! And so thankful for my friend at work that covered my class till I could get there. Whew! Not a good feeling.

Cravings: No cravings this week. I did make some “healthy tacos” (with lean ground organic turkey, Ezekial tortillas, & Greek yogurt- which tastes just like sour cream!) & they were SUPER yummy!! I’ve also still been eating an orange EVERY single day. Guess that’s my “thing.”

Best Pregnancy Moments This Week: We had our last childbirth class this week, and I am SO GLAD we decided to take the classes!! Jon & I both learned a lot & feel way more prepared, so I definitely recommend them. (Double plus if you can take them with a friend like we were able to do….made it more fun for sure!!) Of course Laura & I were teachers’ pets because we were taking LOTS of notes & asking lots of questions! She said that was typical from teachers and nurses- ha!

Another great moment this week was spending time with Megan & Dana (and meeting some of their sweet friends!) while Mrs. Mary taught us how to do applique!!! Woo hoo!!!! I’m PUMPED I know how to do that…I have a feeling that will be a very useful skill in the future!!


Ignore my rough looking picture! I didn’t think anything could be more exhausting than Fridays as a teacher. Boy was I wrong! Fridays…as a teacher…AND 8 months PREGNANT….are by FAR the most exhausting ever!!!

IMG_2866 IMG_2867

Oh, and getting our nursery bedding back!!! We went with all grey and white so I can use it again for future Baby Butler’s (& use PINK accents if it’s a girl), but opted for some blue on some of it just to jazz it up. Mom (seriously, I think I am surrounded by some of THE most talented people ever) made a couple of pillows for our big chair to help bring out the blue. Can’t WAIT to see the whole nursery put together!

IMG_2826 IMG_2827

Goals for next week: GO TO BED EARLIER!!!  Finish thank you cards. Work on nursery. Practice Bradley exercises/techniques with Big Jon.

Everything else on my list is being postponed until Spring Break….and my game plan is to get everything DONE that week so I can just kinda coast until the baby comes.

Thoughts: This was a little bit of a tough week for us. It was super, super busy!!!! Jonathan is SWAMPED at work (which is DEFINITELY a blessing seeing as how he is in construction… and I am NOT complaining about that part because it’s an answered prayer)…But between being overloaded at work, finishing their cabinet shop, and finishing our nursery & table, we haven’t had a whole lot of quality time together this week. {Insert pouty wife here} It was pretty stressful for him because he did not get ANY breaks….he had something to do all day and night, EVERY day, and although we are used to life being like that during the week, it’s a little tougher when you don’t have a chance to recover on the weekend.

IMG_2857 IMG_2859

Plus, we didn’t get to work out, which is something we both NEED. It helps me have more energy and sleep better at night, and it helps him relieve stress….so that was a bummer too.  Thankfully next week we seem to be slowing down some. I am also REALLY looking forward to a weekend “away” with him soon! Just us!!!

I definitely won the husband jackpot when it comes to being a hard worker though, & I SO appreciate that about him!! And not only is he just a hard worker, but he is MEGA talented!!! Check out this GOOOORGEOUS table he built!!!

IMG_2851 IMG_2854 IMG_2855

On another note, I cannot BELIEVE how nice everyone is when you’re pregnant!!!! I feel like I’m being treated like royalty everywhere I go. People give up their seats, hold doors, make polite small talk, smile, help you carry things…it’s crazy! And I LOVE it! Hahaha! I was loading the crib mattress into my car the other day & two young guys came rushing over to help me, and then took my buggy back.  I could sure get used to everyone being so kind and helpful.

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