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Baby’s first birthday party

Posted Oct 30 2013 10:07pm
Home Baby Baby’s first birthday party

7 comments Oct 29/13 Baby

Even though Michael’s actual birthday isn’t until Thursday (Halloween), his birthday party was this past Sunday. I contemplated throwing a bigger party with a bunch of his little friends/my mommy friends but eventually decided to have a smaller party at our home with our immediate family members instead.

 birthday hat

On his special day, Michael was wearing a shirt that read “Bring on the Cake”, and I had a birthday hat custom made as a little keepsake- even though I knew he’d only keep it on for a grand total of about five seconds.

And I was correct.

MP in his birthday hat

Maybe he didn’t like the hat all that much, but he definitely appreciated the mini cupcakes (which came from Whole Foods).

Michael eating birthday cake

The presents were a hit too.


I added a few little touches around the house, such as balloons and this birthday banner from Etsy, and tried to make it as special and as memorable (for the adults) as possible.

birthday banner

Unfortunately, the day was memorable for a whole other reason.

MT got a horrible nose bleed out of the blue right around the time the party started, and it just wouldn’t stop.  In fact, it kept getting worse and worse.   I’ll spare you all of the gory details.

The doctor at Urgent Care wasn’t able to stop the bleeding and sent him to the hospital.  After Michael went to bed, I went to the ER to see MT.  Obviously, the whole ordeal was pretty scary, but after five long hours, the doctor was able to stop the bleeding.

Sadly, MT missed the majority of the party and was extremely disappointed.

We’re going to have a mini re-do on Michael’s actual birthday though with just the three of us, and I’m going to make sure that it is just as special…and hopefully far less dramatic!

 MP playing with balloons

FYI- post-party deflated balloons are apparently lots of fun.  Too bad I couldn’t let him play with them for very long as the strings are just a bit of a safety hazard.

Enjoy your day!

  1. Oh My Goodness – love the hat, his B-day shirt and the decorations!!! Too bad about the nosebleed though:( Your wee dude is adding books to his library – love that:) Happy Tuesday!!!

  2. What a bummer! It is so hard when family crises happen on a holiday – and they always do! I hope Michael has a special day this week too!

  3. Love the hat! So cute. Sorry about the nose bleed though that’s no fun!

  4. Oh no! That’s not a great way to spend a bday. :( Looks like Michael had fun though!

  5. Praying that the mini re-do is less dramatic! :-)

  6. I love the pictures of Michael eating his cupcake! Sorry to hear about MT, but I’m sure his party on his actual birthday will be just as special of a day.

  7. Happy Birthday for tommorrow dear Michael!
    What flavour were the cupcakes? Everything looked so nice!
    I am sorry about the nose bleed:(

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