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Baby’s first beach trip

Posted Jul 24 2012 9:32am

Last Wednesday, we headed to Destin, FL for a little family beach trip with friends. It was Logan’s first trip to Florida, second trip on a plane, and first time to the ocean. By 4.5 months old, he has already been to the mountains and ocean! Not too shabby.


Logan really enjoyed the sights and sounds and was a very good boy. He likes facing forward in the Bjorn so he can look around.


We borrowed some toys from Jeffrey’s cousins who drove their baby toys down from Birmingham last week. Very helpful for us! He was right at home. We rented a crib, and I shipped a box of miscellaneous items like diapers, wipes, a bath sponge to lay him on, crib sheet, lotions, etc. Also a good idea so I didn’t have to take up suitcase room. It was a pretty easy trip to pack him for–lots of summer onesies, bathing suits, nightgowns and toys.


Logan seemed very relaxed and slept very well while we were there too. He slept one night his longest stretch ever of almost 12 hours, but hasn’t done it again or come close. He ate well, napped well, was happy and not too fussy.


He went swimming in the pool a few afternoons, got to drive around and go shopping a little, and put his toes in the water. He actually spent most of the day in the condo because I wanted his naps on schedule, and he still naps best when swaddled in his crib. We took turns staying upstairs with him. It was rainy two afternoons so it wasn’t too bad.


On our third day, we went to Seaside (the cutest town ever), and he took two naps in his car seat and was very good. It is amazing how much more confident we are to take care of him, travel, go on outings for hours, etc. by ourselves in a few short months.


When we got back, the sun was still out and Logan put his toes in the water. He wasn’t so sure about it.


It was really fun to take him to the beach for the first time, and we know each time he goes, he will have more and more fun and become a true beach baby. Until next time!

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