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Baby #2: 34 Weeks Pregnant

Posted Oct 21 2013 8:40am

Good morning friends!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  We stayed pretty busy over here between finishing up packing up the old house and doing some fun family things as well.  I can say that the old house is EMPTY and all we have to do is clean it this week.  The new house is almost unpacked … I can probably finish that today or tomorrow.  Then it’s on to maybe doing some more painting and getting things on the walls.  Since I am 34 weeks I should probably start on the nursery at some point too ;)


34 Weeks Pregnant


Totally forgot to take a belly photo until like 8:30PM last night.  Oops.

  • Baby is the size of a cantaloupe  – or about 4 3/4 pounds and 18 inches long.  Baby B measured 5lbs 2oz last Wednesday so I am assuming she is closer to 5 1/2 pounds haha.  Her legs are also measuring several weeks ahead.
  • She’s adding on more fat layers which will help her regulate her temperature when she is born
  • Her nervous system and lungs are continuing to mature


Weight Gain: I am at 19 pounds weight gain.  Goes to show that this pregnancy even though I have gained less so far the baby is still measuring just like Em.  Crazy how that works!  I really attribute the lower weight gain to having to chase her around all day ;)


Fitness: Definitely slowing down.  Not because of how I feel but because of the move.  Going up and down our stairs 1000x a day is a decent workout.  So is carrying boxes.  I did manage to get in yoga, a run, some walking, and a CrossFit workout last week though!


Sleep: Meh.  Still waking up.  I was up at 4:30AM this morning to a dance party in my belly that I wasn’t invited to.  I am also just really feeling the third trimester fatigue.  Babies put on most of their weight in the final weeks of pregnancy which takes a lot of energy from mama.


Baby Position: As I mentioned last week baby was back to breech on Wednesday and then transverse on Friday.  She is still moving all around in my belly.  I know she has gone head down at various points based on her kick locations.  My OB and I have a plan for all of this depending on where she is at at my 36 week appointment.  Sending spinning baby vibes my way though ;)


Aches and Pains: My lower right tailbone is starting to ache more and can effect my leg a little bit.  Overall I am just becoming more and more uncomfortable and achy.  The joys of later pregnancy :)


Emotions: I am a pretty rational person and am not overly emotional about many things … except my children.  It’s hard to believe in a month or so Chris and I are going to be the parents of TWO amazing little girls.  I can’t way to see who B looks like – will she get my coloring like Emmalyne did?  Or will she get more of her daddy’s Asian genes?


To Do List: Umm … it’s massive.  With the move and the fact that this is our second daughter we haven’t done much.  Now, with 6ish weeks to go I feel a sense of urgency (nesting) to start getting things done.  Luckily we own most everything we need but it needs to be cleaned, re-assembled, etc.


Another busy week is ahead of us over here.  I am pretty sure I am going to be saying that for the next 6 weeks haha.  Have a great Monday!

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