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B-Geo Magnolia Miles Ride: AKA the day a bee stung me on my boob

Posted Mar 21 2012 10:14pm

I guess I need to go ahead and talk about the B-Geo Ride this past weekend since I am due to run a race this weekend….

This past Saturday Scott and I took part in the B-Geo Magnolia Miles Ride and embarked on our first ever long bike ride together. Prior to this ride, the farthest Scott had gone was 28 or so miles when he rode in the Tour de Donut race back in November. For me, the longest I had ever gone on the bike was about 13 miles. We took a big jump and rode the 53 mile ride on Saturday. The only pictures I have are from Scott’s mom before the start but I am going to scatter them in the post so that no one becomes overly bored with my writing.

(We look happy now but that all changed about 20 miles in. (Well, I guess I look happy..not sure why Scott isn’t really smiling but he was happy too)

Scott and I took off on the course and we were doing fantastic. We started off at the back of the pack and pretty much stayed there the entire time but we were riding strong and the first rest stop came up super fast. Just as a note, we did stop at each and every rest stop and took a few minutes to break, get something to drink, and to eat. We plan on doing this during the MS150 ride as well. We aren’t really doing it to race but more for completion so our time isn’t really a factor.

The first 13 or so miles were pretty much downhill and easy but about mile 20 Scott started falling farther and farther behind and I slowed up to see what was going on. He told me he was having major leg cramps and going up the hills was becoming extremely difficult for him. This was also where the course started to become very hilly and we started to see fewer and fewer long fast downhill’s. We slowed down for a bit and made it to the next rest stop where I forced him to eat and drink lots of NUUN water and we filled up our bottles with Gatorade. From this point on Scott really struggled. I am crediting my easy time to all of the running and weight lifting I do. I didn’t have any leg pain the entire race and I was easily able to catch people on the uphill when they were struggling. (My husband included.) I will say though, that this course was SUPER hilly. There were some points where I was going 4 MPH and I felt like I would never get to the top.

(I’m all smiles here trying to hook my Garmin onto my bike. I’m sort of clock/Garmin dependent so I HAD to have it to know how fast I was going and how many miles I had left.)

There was also a point in this course (Right after the halfway mark) where the road became extremely bumpy. So much so that we are pretty sure it bent one of Scott’s spokes and it made my front tire come loose. (We were able to pull over and get my tire back on correctly) But those 13 miles were AWFUL. Even I started to question the ride and wanted to give up at that point and poor Scott went through the entire thing with major leg pain that the bumpy road didn’t help. It also didn’t help that a major section of the ride was on a very busy road/highway. I couldn’t keep my eye behind me on my husband and forward at the same time so he fell quite a bit behind me at that point.

It was at the rest stop at the end of the bumpy highway that I also had my first little bike accident. I am super clumsy when I’m running/walking so I’m not surprised this happened at all. In fact I’m surprised it has taken me this long. I was pulling into the rest stop on the lose bumpy gravel and when I started to break I sort of slid a little and didn’t break quickly enough which caused me to fall over into some other guy’s bike (P.S. I am very sorry to the guy whose bike I fell on…I don’t think I damaged anything but I’m sorry!) and I ended up scraping/bruising my right leg and right hand. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything a cup of water couldn’t wash/clean-up and I was on my way again.

(This was right before we headed over to the start, all geared up! You see that yellow wrist band?(it was our lunch ticket) There is now a white band on my arm where it used to be and unfortunately not on the hand that I wear my watch. Lesson Learned.)

After the accident, food and potty break, we continued on to the last rest stop which was only about 6 miles from the end to take a quick rest break before heading off to the finish. When we were ready to head into the finish I took off like normal and ended up pretty far ahead of Scott pretty quickly. I was singing along to myself (You gotta do something when you can’t use headphones) and just enjoying the flowers on the side of the road when my second crazy bike experience occurred. A bee flew down my shirt and into my sports bra and stung me right on my boob! I was screaming and hollering when Scott caught up to me. I did calm down though and got myself back together to finish.

(Here we are pedaling our way to the front to take off on a 4 hour bike ride.)

For our fist long ride, I thought it went well. We had a few forgetting to bring sunscreen and burning to a crisp (By far this was the worst part for me), Scott’s leg cramps, and my inability to balance on a bike and the boob bee sting but overall it was good experience and one that we got a few good laughs out of. Even my mom laughed at the bee sting. At the time it wasn’t funny but I can see the humor in the situation now. I must have also looked like a fool when it happened so I probably provided some laughs for a few other bikers too.

 As far as how I would rate this course: I don’t think we’ll do this ride next year because of the hills and the bumpy highway we had to ride on for over 13 miles but if you ever consider it…Some positives where: It had great rest stops with TONS to drink and eat and the support on the course was great. I saw a lot of Ride Marshall’s out and police patrol passed us several times. Oh and there where some very exhilarating downhill runs on this course too…my Garmin topped me out at 28 MPH at one point. I don’t know about you but when I am going downhill that fast (riding my poor breaks the entire time) All I can think about is squealing like Maxwell the Pig on the Geico commercial..WEEEEEEE WEE WEEEEEEEEE..So fun.

We are going to try to fit in one more long ride before the MS150 to use as a training ride and to hopefully do better than this time.

Also, I want to say a BIG HUGE thank you to my In-Law’s for driving us out to Magnolia, taking pictures, and supporting us for this race. It really means a lot to Scott and I.

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