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AWESOME Race Recap!

Posted Sep 16 2012 11:23pm
Despite my G.I. woes... (nice way to start the post, huh? Keepin' it classy!)
I am STILL on my high from this mornings race!

I ran the Run Wild 5k to benefit the Detroit Zoological Society.
It was at 8:00 this morning and it *may* have been 50 degrees out, but I wouldn't bet on it!
Traffic is always funky around there so I went early to get my packet.

Parking spot in the front and facing the port-a-potties!
Seriously...that is a PRIME location, as you will soon see...

Bib #2281 and THE best t-shirt yet!

Sweet, right?

So I had about an hour to, the lines for the port-a-potties grow!
If you run now, or will one day run a race, please know that the potty is a popular place to be! Very social and no place to go (literally) if you are in a hurry!

This is before it got busy and they had to redirect traffic because of the lines! LOL...
I went earlier (thank you SWEET parking spot!)

I waited until the last possible minute to line up, I HATE being cold! I wore shorts and a t-shirt because I HATE being hot! (I am a woman, yeah...I know!)
Look how happy I am!

Quite possibly the 'worst' picture I have EVER put on here!
I am rockin' my Bondi Band ! It says 'Run' with a heart on it! I love it...sweat wicking material and it does not move and is not tight. Today I learned, that it can keep my ears warm! Ha!

Off we went, for a very congested start. I was mid pack towards the front and holy pig britches!! It took FOREVER for the crowd to spread out! For the first mile it was a bit like the running of the bulls videos that I have seen...I was NOT loving it! Good part is, I was paying absolutely zero attention to my own running.
Today I saw:
*Prancer* - a woman who literally pranced, I watched her for a long time! Her feet never touched the pavement beyond the balls of her feet! Looked crazy uncomfortable!
*Kick My Own A$$ Guy* - a guy who had the weirdest "stride" ever...looked like he was trying to kick his own butt with his knees all pointing outward. Strange!
*Lurch* - Who knew that 7' tall guys could run? Well, I passed him so he wasn't going too fast or anything. Seriously...he was CRAZY tall!!
*Mother of the Year* - Here's a quote from her to her 2 boys (maybe 7 & 8) at mile 2.5, "I am going, so you BETTER keep up!!" {lovely...} list could go on and on! Sometimes I crack myself up! LOL...
It was entertaining to say the least!

Most of the run was on residential streets, fairly flat. There was a nice little incline on the last mile, but aside from the tummy issues, I was feeling great!
(Wait? I was running this whole time?'s almost over!)

Here is where I admit that I don't give 100% because I have a lot of energy in the last mile and yes, I watch my HRM...I am not working my hardest.
I know...I am working on it!
We round the corner for the last 3/4 mile...
We get funneled onto a sidewalk!
Did I mention that there were 1,915 runners in this 5k?!?!?!
Wow...if that didn't blow my kick in the last mile!
The only way to pass was to go into people's yard and dodge trees and limbs...definitely NOT fabulous!! Big thumbs down on the planning committee on that one!

I poured it on when we got to the road to the actual finish line. There were tons of people cheering, it was great!

WooHoo! Race #5 is in the books (Considering race #1 was JUST 4th of July...I think this is AWESOME!)
Ok, where is my traditional post race 1/2 banana and bottle of H2O?
Umm...who the heck knows! There are so many people that it was a major cluster!

Word to the wise...have your own snack and drink in the car...Just in case!
And I did.
Here I am:

So, I have a general idea of my time because of my HRM. Screw that, I need my chip time!
They had an awesome kiosk with computers to allow you to get your time on the spot - Sweet!
Waited in line for 15 minutes for that (NOT sweet).

I must admit, I was disappointed in my time because I run a faster pace in my daily runs.
WELL...then I realize that I ran a full minute faster than my last race!
That's right...
P - freakin' - R!!

Here's the stats for my run today:
Time: 28:15
Overall Place: 433/1915 (My goal has been to run in the top 50%, so how awesome is THAT?!)
Gender Place: 153/1267 (Are you kidding me now?! I am happy, happy!)
Division Place (40-44): 15/153 (15! out of 153!)

I could NOT be happier right now!
Running for 4 months.
Confirmed run HATER for 43 years.
First race on July 4th (34:37).
My race running goals have been to run a 9:30 pace and be in the top 50%, overall and age.
emoticon and EXCEEDED!

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