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Posted Mar 16 2011 3:23pm

WORKOUT – 4.75 mile run (42 min)

adbutton2 Last November I decided to start this Nutrition & Fitness Blog (Healthy Living Blog). The reason behind it wasn’t to show off what I do or try to get thousands of people reading what I post (although that would be sa-weet). I started this blog mostly because I wanted to put my nutrition degree to use & to channel my love for exercise/fitness.

I’ve been a blogger since 2008, when my man & I were engaged. I started a “family” blog for us, mostly just to let our friends & families (I have 4 sisters & 3 brothers, he has 2 sisters & 2 brothers) keep an eye on us & see what we were up to...& now to see what our little man is up to [sorry, not telling you where that one is...if you really want to know where it is, email me & I will hook you up].

[One of our first pictures on our blog (engagement photoshoot)] _MG_0085_1

I have been using Blogger & although I do like it, it has some flaws (of course, what doesn’t). So when I was setting up this blog, I found WINDOWS LIVE WRITER . I still publish through Blogger, but when I am writing my posts, I don’t have to be signed in to Blogger, or even the internet for that matter!

My FAVORITES about Windows Live Writer:

  • You don’t have to be connected to the internet to write you posts (only to publish them)
  • Easy way to set a future publish/post date
  • Lots of font options (any on your computer), colors, sizes, etc.
  • You don’t have to wait forever for pictures to load
  • So much easier to position & alter pictures than in blogger
  • You can crop your pictures, edit them, resize them, give them different borders, watermarks, AND SO MUCH MORE!!
  • I use this for both my blogs, easy as pie! (you can have as many blogs as you want, and just use this one writer!!)
  • You don’t have to just be a Blogger user...this works with LOTS of blog publishers (ie: WordPress, TypePad, etc.)

picture options border options picture edit picture effects

Some DRAWBACKS to Windows Live Writer:

  • If you link to a previous post, it takes FOREVER for the list to load...maybe it’s just my slow computer (very well could be the culprit) or the fact that I have a LONG list of posts to load.
  • Uh...I guess I will have to think a little harder about this one. I just really like it!!

So, if you want my advice about anything, and you want more options when blogging & want to make it A WHOLE LOT easier...then I personally suggest you get this tool (free download HERE ).

**I have the 2009 version, I haven’t upgraded yet (2011 is out now).

*** Tara brought up a good point...this isn’t for Macs, sorry!

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