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Avoir Monte Carlo!

Posted Sep 10 2012 6:16pm
I’m bacccck!

Wow I seriously cannot believe I have just spent a week on holiday. It feels like it was 2 days! I had such an amazing time though! Monaco is definitely a very unique place. It is only 2km long but on very mountainous terrain but for such a tiny country, it has so much going on and so much money and fast cars! It was quite incredible to be in a place where all you can hear around you when you lay by the pool on the rooftop is the sea and supercars’ engines on the roads used as the F1 race track below you! The cars were beautiful, the place was beautiful..and many of the people were beautiful (I wish I was an exotic looking European sometimes..). Although many of the beautiful car owners were not so beautiful…given that they were 60+ year old men haha! And along with the older rich men, were of course the gold digging younger women eeeek! Complete with too much botox to go for the trout pout look. Yes, it was definitely an original place….even the diet cokes in the hotel were designer :P

No, but aside from the weird looking rich couples, the place was beautiful and exciting. My hotel was comfortable and I had a nice big king bed to myself to sprawl on :)

And I had a view of the famous Monte Carlo marina. Simply stunning. The yachts were just huge like floating hotels!

When we arrived the weather was a bit rainy but we found out that this was the first rain they’d had since May so they were very grateful for a whole day! It only rains for 60 days a year there…in the UK we get more like 60 days of no rain! But after the first day, it was pretty much perfect..

We spent some days by the pool which was on the rooftop overlooking the sea on one side and on the other side was a view of Monaco, France and Italy all in one view! It was so stunning :)

And then when you looked over the edge, our hotel was right on the Fairmont herpin bend a.k.a. the slowest and most famous bend on any European Formula One track.

Kinda cool huh? :)

We also visited the famous Monte Carlo casino a couple of times in the evening Bond-esque style and despite not being much of a gambler, I came out with more money weee! :)

We did of course do a lot of taking of car pictures because there were just so many amazing ones…

Times that by a million and that’s how many pictures we took :)

There were also plenty of fancy cocktails drunk..

And bonding with my brother who I get on with better than ever these days which is so lovely. Yeah we’re still brother and sister and he gets embarrassed by me and teases me all the time like they do, but we get on so well now that I am ‘well’ and happy and have my personality and ability to laugh and be crazy back. When I was ill, we barely talked because I was so consumed he didn’t know who I was.

So all in all. It was bloody amazing and just what I needed to chill out :)

I’ll come at you soon with a foodie post for you guys….

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