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Autumn Arrived but Recycling Must Go On

Posted Oct 03 2010 2:51pm
Autumn fallen leaves

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First time we have rain and heavy wind for a long time. Autumn is definitely arriving and we were longing for it. After several months of intense heat and extremely high temperatures, we were eagerly waiting for some fresh weather and rain to clean the dust there are outside.

While doing a visit to the beach area we noticed that people were finally removing the camping tents from the local camping park. The weather forecast for the next days is a decrease of the temperature and rain so, no more beach or swimming pool.

I’m glad we already stored the swimming pool in the garage near the camping gear and last week we dismounted a garden tent we had outside. The windy day we had today would have destroyed it.

With the rain and bad weather we almost don’t use the backyard. I don’t seed during Winter, I don’t water the flowers so I only go outside to use the recycling bins and the composter . Yes, I continue to compost during Winter, even if it is raining I put the things in a box and when the rain stops I go outside and put them in the composter bin.

Recycling is a 52 week task. No matter the weather we must give our contribution to the environment, to ourselves and especially be an example to our kids. My children are used to recycle and they do it almost automatically. I believe that if every kid is taught to recycle since an early age, they will be very protective of the environment and they will recycle throughout their life.

So, don’t stop recycling just because you will get wet to go to the recycling bins. Take advantage of some packs and boxes and reuse them in your house. Cans are excellent to make pen holders. Well, just use your imagination and enjoy recycling.

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