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Autism Awareness/Run for Boston Live Uncommon 5K Race Recap

Posted Apr 20 2013 6:59pm
April 100 Update:
Total for Month = 61.88 miles

Run 26.2 for Boston Update:
17.12 miles

This was a last minute race. I feel blessed to say such a thing. In early 2011 I wouldn't have dreamed of registering the day before to run a 5K... or any K for that matter. Running doesn't scare me anymore... however, me not running should scare you. (Girl gets crabbypatty when she doesn't run.)

I was quite proud to be a runner this morning. For Boston. For Autism. Runners do good things. Live Uncommon, a local group supporting different causes in our community through athletics, does good things too. They sponsored this race, last minute, and all the registration fees go to Boston or Autism. Pretty amazing, right?!
Race Recap:
The race was supposed to kick off at 10:45am. It didn't. I think the gun when off at 11:10ish... oops. Usually, I get a little persnickety over this late start stuff but today I just let it ride. It wasn't in my control so I quit pretending I was 'Boss of the World' for a few minutes... just a few... and tried to stay warm.

I met some pretty awesome women while waiting for the gun. Bonus.

A little off topic, remember I said I wasn't going to run a 5K again? That didn't last long. 

The race started at the PV High School Track. Imagine this, run around the track once, exit stage right and jump onto a trail. A hilly trail. But what trails aren't? Make the trail turnaround and head for home... just kidding. Keep going when you think you're supposed to turn for home and run a 1/2 mile up another beautiful hill. Then cruise down said beautiful hill and finally, make the turn for home. Back to the track, run around it once more and finish........

WITH A NEW PR!! 24:08 unofficially. I'm knock my own socks off excited about this.

Every mile I thought about Boston, and Autism. I thought how we are all so unique but yet we all come together during tragedy, to raise awareness, to support others, and be of service. Apparently I need to think these thoughts every time I lace up... 

It didn't hurt to see my new friends on the course too. Thanks to Marlena and Stephanie... both of you brought huge smiles to my heart today.

Overall, a great race. Duh, I PR'd. But seriously, they gave Mardi Gras beads at the end and had a killer table of water, coffee, and snacks. 

Next weekend is the Wautoma Jailbreak Half Marathon. The 13.1 is quickly becoming my distance of choice. What races do you have planned in the upcoming weeks?

Hugs, Steffi
Mauka checking out the Mississippi flood waters... on our 3.05 mile walk today. She's still not tired. Lord, help me.
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