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Asus X81 Battery Ensures Easy Portability

Posted Jun 11 2013 9:03am

The  Asus X81 battery  is meant for the Asus X81 laptop and notebook. This is a high performance battery, which is a hundred percent compatible with many Asus laptops and is designed to just meet or exceed some original specifications. The Asus X81 battery adapter can ensure your total satisfaction. If perhaps you have been looking for any information of the Asus X81 battery, you got no reason to worry about as this article describes vividly the specs, the pros and cons of this particular battery.


The Specs

Technically, the battery for Asus X81 has the 6-cell li-ion battery.

It is rated with a current of 4400 milliamps

Its voltage is amounted by 11-1 volts.

The dimension of the Asus X81 battery is prescribed as 128.50 by 72.80 by 21.10 millimeters.

Upon purchase, there is the thirty Days Money Back twelve month warranty.

The quality of X81 adapter is of high standard with manufacturers being Sony, Sanyo, LG, Samsung new cells and is certified by the RoHS and the CE.

The Asus X81 battery is faster to charge and has long battery life and maximum power.

The most prominent and common color of battery for Asus X81 is black.


Pros and Cons

Perhaps there is not anything under the sky, which does not exhibit merits and demerits. The advantage of  battery for Asus X81  is that it is light and hence ensures easy portability. The battery is manufactured under high specifications and therefore its durability is unquestionable. The capacity of the battery for Asus X81 is structured in such a way as to accommodate maximum amount of charge. It is highly compatible with almost all Asus laptops and notebooks. The disadvantage of this battery is that it can be easily short-circuited if care is not taken while plugging in the adapter.


The care for Asus X81 battery

As every other battery requires some special and tender care, and so the battery for Asus X81. Regardless of its quality and high performance, there is need to maintain this. The following are some of the tips that can help you make your battery last longer.


It is recommended that you use your battery every 2 to 3 weeks. This is exercising the battery cells so as they don't lose charge easily when charged. This just implies that you should not leave your battery in discharge for a long period.

Consider also calibrating your  Asus X81 adapter  in a month i.e. at least once a month.

The lithium li-ion battery should be stored in a good state. Here, a good state refers to it being stored at about forty percent state of charge in a cool place. This is because the battery's self-discharge can easily break the battery in the storage.

Avoid overcharging and discharging. Remember also not to charge to higher voltages greater than the Asus X81 battery threshold voltage.

Use cotton swab and alcohol to clean dirtied battery contacts. This aids in maintaining and ensuring continuous connection between the battery and the portable device.

Try to keep the battery capacity constant. Under temperatures of negative 10 to negative 40 Celsius the batteries for Asus X81 works perfectly.

Lastly do not short-circuit the battery or leave it in a damp environment.

Asus batteries  can be bought both online and available also in many electronic shops.


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