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Ass Basics - Put the BBQ Tongs Down & Read

Posted Aug 29 2010 12:19pm
In case you've read my blog before you may have noticed I've taken an extended break from writing anything.

You may assume because of my absence that I've been jamming hot dogs down my throat and swilling beer by the gallons. Unfortunately you'd be wrong.

The truth for my lack of blogs had nothing to do with food and everything to do with a busy life.

But I have forever seen September as the beginning of the year. December 31st is when you get really drunk and feel shitty for about 3 days afterward but September is all about new school years, new beginnings, new clothes and hopefully new goals.

September is also about at least one pair of fantastically designed new boots that work well with all your fav jeans.

I am attempting to finish my book on how to keep healthy, fit and slim in a easy and accessible way and so I've decided to start blogging again with a more tailored point of view to hone the steps and really keep your ass and mind in the game.

So why do you want to be healthy?
You could tell me it's because of you want to feel better, you could tell me its because you want your aches and pains to go away but generally people want to feel better because feeling better also means looking better.

Vanity is a powerful motivator. 

You may not think you are vain. Uh huh. Well last year I had a facial peel. I looked like burn victim for about a week. I would stay in the car as I dropped my kids off at school and yell my good-byes. I thought I wasn't vain but well I was wrong. Turns out huge pieces of brown skin flaking off my face embarrassed me.  Carrying around extra weight works the same weight. We sense we aren't what we could be. We could be better. We could move better, feel better, look better.

The Aging Dilemma 

Which I suppose leads to the aging dilemma, which is only a dilemma because well it's unavoidable. Dating a woman/man half your age may seem like a great way to make you feel younger - in truth in the end you'll probably find each other annoying and going for a jog and eating your greens works much better long term. Ditto buying overly flashy cars or calling people 'dude' when you're over 15.

Just to make sure we're on the same page with aging:

Getting older (or having kids) is not an excuse to:

  • not exercise
  • say it doesn't matter
  • let things slide
  • put yourself last
  • make work, family or anything else take priority over your health
  • admit defeat

So let's start from the beginning. The beginning of September.

A new habit and new goals for each month of the year with doable steps to make you and your ass look and feel better. 

If you're new to the blog feel free to read some of the older items for some health tips and advice but we'll start from scratch here - so if you don't go back you won't miss anything.

I have a thought about health I want you to consider. It's simple premise should help you make the right decisions down the line.

We are animals that require a few things to survive:

  • water
  • food 
  • oxygen 
  • light
Essentially whether we know it or think about it, our survival is dependent on those few items. 

Water: Our bodies are made of 60% - 70% water. It allows are blood to flow freely, toxins to leave our body and all of our important body systems (heart, bladder, liver, kidneys, bowel) to work correctly. So if you're drinking less than 8 cups a day - you're probably not getting enough.

Food: Bottom line - you eat too much. At least most of you do and what you eat probably isn't that great for you, or could be better. Food should be about eating passionately, enjoyment and nutrient density as opposed to caloric intake. This will be a main topic here at Ass Backwards so we'll dig deep into what foods feed the body and what foods make you age and get fat. 

Oxygen: We need it to live. Without breath we kick the bucket very quickly. We need to improve our oxygen capacity and get it all round our body increasing oxygenated blood flow. How do we do this? We exercise, we move and we do it consistently.

Light: We depend on light to create the energy which produces all of the foods we eat, including plants, grains and meats. So here's a thought: the less light, oxygen and water found in a food the less likely it is going to do good things for our body. Light energy is a new way to look at foods and see if they feed our bodies or really just feed us calories. The farther away you get from whole unrefined foods the less 'light energy' you'll find in the food. 

Habit 1: Drink & Think 
So this week find your old water bottle, or buy a new pretty one to inspire lots of great water drinking and take it with you everywhere. Drink.

and think 

about the types of foods that you eat and why.

Have an Ass Happy day. 


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