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Aspergers Syndrome Symptoms to Be Argus-Eyed About

Posted Dec 20 2010 2:51am

Though there are copious likely symptoms of Aspergers syndrome, the chief one is acute difficulty faced with social scenarios. A kid might be having mild-ranging to acute symptoms or having only some or several of such symptoms. Due to the wide-ranging array of symptoms, no duo kids with Aspergers syndrome would be similar.

Asperger’s syndrome symptoms during infancy

Time and again several parents firstly spot the signs of Asperger’s syndrome in their preschooler & when he/she starts interacting with other kids. Asperger’s kids might:

    Fail in picking up on social signals & could be lacking innate societal skills like not capable of reading mannerisms of those around, beginning or maintaining conversations & talking in turns. Have an aversion to any kind of amendments in schedules or routine. Seems to be lacking passion & sympathy. Be incapable of recognizing faint distinctions in verbal communication tones, manner of speaking & accents which change the connotation of other’s speeches. Hence, the kid might fail to comprehend jokes or might be taking ironic comments in a literal manner. Similarly, the child’s verbal communication might be flat & tricky in understanding since it doesn’t have any pitches, tones & accents. Possess a formal manner of talking which surpasses his/her age. For instance, the kid might be using words like ‘beckoning’ rather than ‘calling’ or ‘returning’ rather than ‘coming back’. Steer clear of making eye-to-eye contact or staring at those around. Having strange facial gestures or posture. Have preoccupation with solely a single or only some interests that the kid might have notable knowledge about. Several kids having Asperger’s are over-interested in sections of a complete or in uncommon activity like he/she likes to design homes, prefers to draw vistas with high detailing or studies astronomy. Unusually interested in particular subjects like snake, naming of dinosaur species or stars. Speaks incessantly on a pet topic. One-ended tête-à-tête is commonly noted among such children which is mostly verbalization of inner thought process. Delay in motor development or a late learner in using spoons, forks, bicycle-riding or catching balls. The child might exhibit awkwardness in walking and mostly pitiable hand-writing. Possess augmented sensitiveness & be overly stimulated on exposure to loud sounds, lighting or strong texture/taste.

A kid having a single or duo such symptoms doesn’t essentially mean he/she is having Asperger’s and for a proper diagnosis of the condition, presence of a combo of such symptoms & acute difficulties in social scenarios is corroborative.

Though Asperger’s & autism bear some resemblances, a kid having Asperger’s characteristically would be having normal speech & development intellectually. Moreover, people with Asperger’s usually would make an endeavour in comparison with autistic individuals at forming friendships & engaging in any activity with those around.

Asperger’s Syndrome symptoms in adolescence & teenagers

Majority of the symptoms last throughout teenage years and though teenagers having Asperger’s could start learning those societal skills they are lacking, communications mostly remain tricky. They would perhaps still face difficulties when interpreting behaviours of others.

Though a teenager having Asperger’s would yearn having buddies but would be withdrawn or daunted to approach his/her peers or might be feeling different from those around. Though majority of the teenagers feel it is important to look & be hip, teenagers having Asperger’s might feel it aggravating & sapping emotional-wise in trying to be one of the crowd or fitting in. Such a teen might exhibit immaturity according to age & be naïf & exceedingly trust others thus lead to him/her being the butt for pranks, being teased or bullied.

Such troubles could be causal to teenagers with Asperger’s going into their shell & self-induce social isolation & be depressed or anxious.

Though several teenagers with this condition do manage to form & maintain friendships while schooling. Some of the characteristic Asperger’s mannerisms might be working favourably for that teenager. Teenagers having Asperger’s would classically show disinterest to follow societal customs, fad or usual thought process, permitting room for creative thought process & pursuits of innovative interest or goal. They prefer regulations & sincerity, truthfulness is held in highest esteem thus leading them in excelling in classrooms & as civilians.

Asperger’s syndrome is a lifetime condition though has a tendency of stabilizing with time & improvement noted mostly. As an adult, such people with Asperger’s generally acquire improved realization of their personal strong points & drawbacks. They are even capable of learning societal skills & reading social hints of others. A number of individuals with Asperger’s embrace matrimony and bear kids.

Several attributes which are trademark of people with Asperger’s are being attentive to detailing & resolute interest could improve prospects of them being successful in universities & careers. These individuals appear to have a fascination for technology with engineering being the prevalent option among them. However they even outshine in other spheres of life.

Asperger’s in kids could co-exist alongside other conditions like OCD, non-verbal learning disorder, ADHD, Anxiety/social anxiety disorder, depression particularly during adolescence.

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