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Aspen through baby’s eyes, Part 1

Posted Jun 11 2012 7:00am
This week, we are on summer vacation with my parents and sister in Aspen, CO. Jeffrey left this morning to go back to work (sad face), and we are staying until Saturday. Another week and a lot more firsts for baby. This week included first plane ride, first time wearing a jacket, first time in the pool, first time going out to lunch and dinner in a new city, and first time for a later bedtime and a more relaxed schedule. Logan also started clasping toys and using his hands more like for pulling my hair!

We’ll be back in Houston for another first–first Father’s Day.


Logan was excellent last Thursday for our first plane ride with him. It was a terrible day of travel–we left our house at noon for a 2:30 flight. It was cancelled at 12:45 p.m. We got on a 5:45 flight, it was delayed at 5 p.m. indefinitely and took off a little before 7 p.m. He ate two meals in the airport and one on the airplane. I fed him one bottle that I prepared for his 1 p.m. feeding, and breastfed in the Continental President’s Club at 4 p.m. Then a bottle at 7 p.m. as we took off. He slept in the Bjorn on me for most of the flight.

We also decided to gate check the car seat along with the stroller, which I originially thought we would check. Because the first flight was cancelled, I thought we would want the car seat to lay him down, rock, walk around, etc. to help him rest. It was a very good idea and no problem to gate check. I also carried on the Boppy pillow. It was helpful for the two feedings in the airport, but he ended up sleeping in the Bjorn and I didn’t use it on the plane. It also got dirty going through security.

Logan was so good on the plane and on the way to the hotel. He slept through all of that, and was too tired to eat more, so we just changed, swaddled and put him to bed. Probably the best traveler of us all!


Logan got some yummy bottles from his Grandma Soupy who loves spoiling and holding him.


He loves the cool mountain air and took some nice walks through town.


He also got to wear some wintry clothes for a chilly day.


We took him out to dinner a few times and he went to bed a little later. He was very good enjoying his new surroundings.


And one afternoon he got to go swimming with Dad for the first time! He loved the warm water and was very happy and content walking around the pool. Right after he got out, I took his wet suit off, wrapped him in a towel, and he fell asleep for about 40 minutes. Can’t wait to swim again in Houston.


Look at that cute smile! Back with more soon, he turns 3 months old on Wednesday!

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