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Asian Lettuce Wrap Recipe I love lettuce wraps. It is one of my...

Posted Jun 07 2011 1:28am

Asian Lettuce Wrap Recipe

I love lettuce wraps. It is one of my favorite foods in the world, especially when summer rolls around. This took me literally less than 8 minutes to make and get into my mouth. Talk about FAST FOOD!!!


*3 oz of 97% fat free lean ground turkey

*1TBS of spicy fermented soybeans, don’t grab the oil Note: you can get this at your local Asian food grocer, sometimes it is called Black Beans with Chili. Same aisle as soy sauce and hot sauce.

*1 can of Golden Mushrooms, drained

*1/2 a head of iceberg lettuce


1. Place the the soy beans into a frying pan or wok first. It is a oily so this will provide a good slick base. High heat.

2. Throw in the mushrooms. I love these stringy guys. They are like healthy fake noodles! Make sure they suck in the sauce from the soy beans. You can tell when they turn a little brownish.

3. Sprinkle 3 oz of the ground turkey on there.

4. Sautee it up for a few minutes until the meat is fully cooked through. I would say my whole sauteeing time from the moment I placed the soy beans on there til the time I turned off the stove was like 5 minutes.

5. Cut your fresh head of iceberg lettuce in half and run under cold water to rinse. Chop off the nubby white part at the bottom.

6. Done!!! Place the sauteed goodness in a plate and the lettuce on another plate and serve! This recipe makes 2 servings or 1 if you’re really hungry.

These were so delish. I need to have them again. Low cal and super yummers!

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