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As the weekend unwinds, my thoughts move to tomorrow.

Posted Mar 14 2010 12:00am
Tomorrow, when I wake up and put my feet on the floor I will begin by saying, thank you Lord for the gift of today. How wonderful it feels to be awake and ready to start my day. Just to breath in and out, fresh air is a wonderful thing. I will breath in and hold it for three seconds then release. This can be done three or four times. It feels great. Today is truly a gift.

As I take my shower and go about my normal morning routine I will say to myself; "I will eat three meals and three snacks today" I will say this over and over. I will only eat when I am sitting down using a plate. For now it doesn't matter what I eat. It's my choice, but I will only have one plate of food, no seconds. If I want ice cream....I can have it, but it must be part of my meal or snack. I will schedule the foods I eat each day and it's important to eat at about the same time each day. This will prevent impulse eating. I will drink plenty of fluids such as water, low fat milk, sugar free juices, tea, and coffee.

Now, if any other Divas want to join me on this quest to be healthy, I will give you a few ideas. I journal everything I eat....remember if you bite it, just go ahead and write it.
I have just a simple notebook and I write the date and what I eat at each meal or snack.
Sometimes I will write something special for the day that will inspire me. Maybe a quote or something special I want to do that day or a small goal that I want to achieve for the day.

The whole point of what I am doing this week is to start slow, and by eating three meals and three snacks per day, I am beginning to show consistency to how many times I eat. I have to plan to sit down to eat my meals or snacks. No impulse eating and no eating on the run.
This sounds easy, but it's not as easy as it seems.
Baby steps to a healthier you.
Remember: Always giving our best, lets our dedication shine through.
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