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As One NYC Review

Posted Mar 21 2013 1:06pm

Last night I tried a new fitness class with my fellow  FITMAPPED FITREPS. Each month, we try a new fitness studio and then rate and review the classes on the FITMAPPED app. We went to a studio called As One , a high intensity, small group training class.

About the Program (from the website ):

The AS ONE Program was created as a workout for those who are serious about being fit. The program incorporates a warm-up, interval training including specially designed equipment, cardio, finishers, and myofascial release and stretching. In 65 minutes, twice a week, you will increase your metabolism, gain strength, lose fat, and significantly increase your overall fitness. Fitness training classes are offered in groups up to 16 people. It is the founders’ experience as fitness trainers in NYC and tri-athlete coaches, as well as competitors, that the camaraderie of the group training setting encourages individuals to push themselves in a safe, fun and healthily competitive way.

I was a little nervous to try this 75 minute workout, especially since I took R efine Method in the morning. I have to go to Refine Method for the next 3 days if I want to complete my third challenge month! I almost chose drinking with another FITMAPPED gal instead of the class but we decided  to just stand in the back and have drinks afterwards. Little did we know that there is no such thing as standing in the back during this workout!

The studio is located in Columbus Circle which is pretty convenient for me. There are no locker rooms or showers so do not expect to get clean and pretty after this workout. The studio was pretty nice and reminded me of a basement with all kinds of fitness gadgets.

The machines were kind of old and outdated. Let’s just say we rode one of those bikes from high sch0ol gym class back in the day with the big fans!

The class began with a warm-up which was 20 jumping jacks followed by 5 burpees, 5 times in a row. I enjoyed this because it felt like I was at Refine Method. I know, I am obsessed. After the warm up, we did 3 or 4 intense circuits consisting of 1 minute cardio and strength drills.   The class ended with foam rolling and more stretching. George and Mark, the co-founders of the program,  split us up into 2 groups and led us during the strength and cardio circuits with a timer. My group started out on the super old bikes. Since there is no resistance on these bikes, we were told to just go really fast at a pace we could stick with for one minute. I was just in shock that an expensive studio would still have these bikes around.

My group then moved onto the floor, where we did squats and mountain climbers for a minute.

Our next exercise was 1 minute on the Stepmill.

I tried this machine once at the gym and felt like I was going to fall off so never did it again. It wasn’t so bad last night until they made me go faster and told me to take my arms off of the handle bars. No thank you!

We did this rotation 3 more times, changing each exercise when we got to the floor.

The second time around on the floor was push ups and ab roll downs. I am not great at push ups, and can’t really do them for a minute straight (sad, I know). I cheated and went on my knees and was commended by the instructor. I did not like this. I am used to Refine Method where knee push ups are not an option. At Refine, we are instructed to hold a plank if we need a rest from push ups. As much as I dislike push ups, I do not want to be allowed to cheat in a class. I held a plank the next time I needed a break and felt like I was the “lazy one” skipping push ups. Oh well.

We also did dead lifts and rows while holding a weighted bag and standing squats while holding the bag over our head. I was not a fan of this weighted bag. I almost knocked myself out a couple of times trying to get the bag over my head.

I’m going to be honest, the circuits felt pretty repetitive and I could not wait for the class to be over. I kept looking for the (non-existent) clock which is never a good sign. One other issue I had with the class was the music. The music can totally make me dislike a class even if the workout is good. They pretty much played rap at a low volume the entire time (on an old-fashioned boom box!) I can’t stand rap and only like exercising to electronic dance music that is loud. I sound picky but I am miserable when I hear rap for over an hour. I got super excited when they played one Avicii song (Levels of course!)

My favorite part of the class was foam rolling and stretching at the end! Foam rolling feels wonderful, especially after two strength workouts in one day!

The workout itself was hard and good- my heart rate was up, I was sweaty, and I was struggling which I enjoy sometimes. I just don’t know that I would return because I would rather spend my hour at Refine Method.  If I had nothing to compare the class too, I probably would have liked it a lot more.  I do have to say that George and Mark were super nice and motivating the entire time. They made me go faster on the bike and corrected my form a couple of times during lunges and dead lifts. They definitely love what they do. I did read on Yelp that every class is different, and I could tell from all of the equipment that they must do so many different exercises for each session. It may be worth another try for this reason.

If you want to try a class at As One, your first class is free, and a 5-pack intro package is $150. A drop in class is $40.

Oh, and of course I did not forget about drinking after class. Did you know that Whole Foods has a bar?

Vegetables and wine…balance at its finest.


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