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Artificial Sweeteners – No Free Lunch

Posted Feb 05 2010 9:13pm

People who drink diet sodas do so in effort to save calories and satisfy their sweet cravings. But what if they knew that drinking a diet soda may in fact incite their appetite to where they compensate later by consuming more calories? Some researchers believe that artificial sweeteners hinder the body’s ability to regulate calories based on taste and thus lead to overeating. While drinking diet soda may initially save calories compared with drinking a sugar soda – studies show that diet soda drinkers end up compensating by eating more later .  

Beyond diet soda, artificial sweeteners are now added to many foods to attract weight-conscious consumers. But, like diet soda, artificially sweetened foods may also contribute to weight gain. A study out of Purdue University, for example, found that rats given unlimited access to artificially sweetened yogurt consumed more calories and gained more weight than those fed sugar-sweetened yogurt.  

Aside from the growing evidence that artificial sweeteners don’t save you calories in the long run, do we really know how safe they are for consumption? There are even some reports that Splenda makes a great ant poison ! If it poisons ants – what might it do to our bodies over time?  Furthermore, research has linked diet soda consumption to an increased risk of metabolic syndrome .     If that’s not enough, apparently diet soda can also  erode tooth enamel because the artificial sweeteners are quite acidic.

As I always say, if you need a degree in chemistry to understand the ingredients you are eating Or drinking, don’t put the food or beverage in your body!

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