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arms and legs improvements

Posted Oct 20 2011 11:20am


hello luvs,

we are so happy to hear everyone enjoying our brownie pumpkin cupcakes .  we are still enjoying them as you can see I caught Michelle eating one this morning.

eating gluten free cupcake

mmmm cupcakes !

moving onto our workouts.

yesterday we did the 30 minute Physique 57 dvd for arms and abs

physique 57 armd and leg dvd

and boy did it ever burn out my arms! loved it though.

we enjoyed the ab session as well of the dvd . though, we did find it to be a lot of upper abs and not much lower abs. so after the dvd we did some additional exercises for the lower abs.

and then today we did the Fierce Friday workout from bodyrock tv , which we have done before and enjoyed it.

bodyrock tv leg workout

and it was great workout for the legs. the workout is a time challenge workout made up of 4 different exercises and doing 4 rounds as fast as you can.

1. Jump Squat & Touch Down – 20 reps

2. Skater – 15 reps each leg (this is becoming one of our favorites to really work the legs and our balance)

3. Reptile – 20 reps

4. One Leg Hop Kick

we have really been feeling good lately. in the since that we are really loving the way our body is changing. we are noticing that we are so much stronger now and our muscles are really starting to show! though our pictures do not always show our progress.  we are still having some skin issues but we have started to do something new and are getting results with that too (again we shall share once we see more results). 

we think it is a mix of pushing ourselves in our workouts and eating well. we hope to share more about what we have been doing lately with our eats, but we want to make sure we are sure with ourselves (meaning that it is working) before sharing with the rest of you. but promise we will share.

*remember we are not doctors nor personal trainers, everything we share is based upon our personal experience and research. please consult with your doctor before doing anything new to your routine

 Twins Question: Would you rather take a pill to get fit? Or work HARD to get in shape? Do you like working out or is it really hard for you to get moving? 

Check out our Pinterest fitness board for our inspiration maybe it will help inspire you too!

Believe in yourself!

Till next time,

P2raw twins

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