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Are You Still Trying To Lose Weight? The Fat To Fit Workout Plan Is A No Nonsense Guide That Deals With The Biggest Issue Peopl

Posted Feb 25 2009 3:56pm

It is no secret that in America, the vast majority of people are now classed as overweight or obese. In January of 2009 67% of the population of America where classed as overweight or obese and this is expected to rise to 86% over the next 20 years.

Obviously a massive proportion of these people are currently trying to lose weight. And this I believe is where the problem lies. The majority of people undertaking diets are just doing that, trying this is not to say that these people do not want to lose weight. The majority of people do, it’s just that in a lot of cases people do not take the most effective approach and set themselves up for crushing falls.

When it comes to guidance on losing weight, there are millions of different methods out there that, if used correctly would work, and would help the majority of people to lose weight. So I don’t think the issue lies with a lack of information, the major problem lies with people having the knowledge and the drive to motivate themselves and to stick to effective workout plans.You only have to look around Internet forums or speak to a group of people who are trying to lose weight. One major question that comes up over and over again is what is the quickest way to lose weight or, how can I lose for example 10 pounds in a week.

In my opinion if you are going to undertake any method of weight loss you need to think about it as a permanent lifestyle change not just a quick fix. This is where I think the majority of people fail when they start trying to lose weight, they set themselves very high goals for example losing 10lbs in two weeks and if they don’t hit these goals then get disheartened and look elsewhere for another quick fix that will potentially help them lose this type of weight.

What you really need to concentrate on as emphasised in the fat to fit workout guide is setting yourself realistic goals and then sticking to these goals and one method to lose weight. Losing weight is not rocket science. Essentially if you take on less calories than you are burning, you will lose weight. But people tend to complicate this process in their head and look for complicated ways to lose weight and quick fixes, when it comes to losing weight. All you really need is a common sense everyday mindset similarly to what I used in the fat to fit guide.

The fat to fit guide helped me immensely with the process of setting myself targets and dealing with the issue of motivating myself. Before I dealt with these issues, I was one of the people, that was continually looking for different ways to lose weight, going from one method to the next in the hope that it would be the next “secret” to help me with lose weight. It took me a while to realise that no such Golden Key exists. The only way to really lose weight is to set yourself realistic targets and then get to work, consistently and stick to these goals. This is what the fat to fit workout plan is all about and it was the method that worked for me.

I have posted a video on my blog, which will give you a sneak peek inside the motivational section of the fat to fit program. There is also a lengthy fat to fit workout review. This video in itself has helped a lot of people to initially set themselves realistic goals, and get started on a successful road to weight loss, I hope it helps you.


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