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Are you social?

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm


Everyday -at least once a day, I check out various sites to see what the people in my life are up to.  I do it to update them on what i’ve been up to as well. 

I do it …

to chat, to learn, to teach, to waste time, to unwind from my day, to laugh, to express myself..

There are so many social networking sites out there nowadays.  I have no idea how many forums about everything you could ever imagine are on the world wide web.  People constantly being in contact with one another at every second of every day.  You can log on to these sites from your home computer, your work computer, and most of the time from your mobile phone or other mobile devices.  No matter where you are in the world, it just takes a few clicks to be in touch with your friends & family and other people who you meet online who share the same interests and/or goals. 

Who needs books when you can read all you want online?

Cookbooks? Check out

Travel books? Check out the lonely planet websites.

Everything seems to be online these days!

It’s no wonder when someone says that they are not into computers  much or they don’t have a facebook account people stare and say “what?”

It’s a sin if you haven’t updated your status on Twitter or haven’t uploaded a new photo album on facebook in more than a month.

I said to my friend the other day:  “ what have you been up to? I haven’t seen you on facebook!”

I kind of laughed to myself because I sit and think – is this really how I keep in touch with people?
What ever happened to picking up the phone!!

I suppose for me, it’s a little more difficult because I am an ocean away from many of my friends and family.  So getting online and updating statuses, photos or sending an instant message or email is quick, convenient and it allows me to keep in touch no matter what time of day.

Steve isn’t really into social networking sites.  He has a facebook profile simply just because- but doesn’t use it.  He logs on to it maybe once every month or so.  He barely checks his email, and the other day when I told him about my recent fascination with twitter he looked at me in confusion.  He’s not a big technology guy.  When he wants to talk to his friends he calls them.  He often makes fun and says if I am having a bad day, why would I want to go online and write “Steve is having a bad day”  on facebook?  What’s the point?

I personally love it, and I feel that its an outlet for me.  It helps me unwind at the end of the day and its almost like a hobby for me.

Is your significant other into the computer like you are?  What do they think about the time you spend online?

I do have some times in my life where I am just too busy to get online (which is when I usually disappear from the blog!).  I have a lot of friends who are just not bothered with the computer and would rather spend there time doing other things in ‘real life’ (as they call it), than spending time in the ‘online world.’

What’s your opinion?

Do you find that you ever neglect things in your offline life, so that you can get online?

To sum up….






      I JUST got on twitter as of last night.  FOLLOW ME!  

      Do you tweet??

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