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Are You Open or Closed Minded?

Posted Mar 18 2013 3:36pm

Open Minded I honestly believe your success in losing or maintaining your weight, improving your health or really any aspect of your life is directly related to your openness to trying new things and your ability to consider new ideas and ways of doing things.

Very often I have found that people seek me out and want help with weight loss or some other health problem. They say they are desperate and willing to do “anything.” But when we go through a thorough evaluation process and I make some specific recommendations, they are resistant to change what they are already doing. The new idea or way of eating or exercising doesn’t make sense to them because they believed what they were doing was best for so long and this new thing is so unfamiliar and different it seems crazy!

I have permission to use my husband as an example here. He lost over 100 lbs. over 30 years ago, before we even met by eating and exercising a certain way. While he has kept that weight off for over 30 years (which is a HUGE accomplishment), he has not changed his way of exercising in that long. He complains that many times he is struggling through a 2+ hour session of cardio and has begun to experience sore muscles and joints more frequently.

I felt that he was over-exercising and I know this causes inflammation in the body which can negatively affect heart and joint health. I suggested he shorten his exercise sessions, alternate days of cardio and strength training or perhaps include interval training and see how he felt making those changes.

He’s afraid he won’t feel the same way when he cuts his sessions short – feels he won’t getting the same benefit and so he has rejected making any changes. You won’t know for sure until you try something and give it a fair chance and evaluate your results.

Are you open or closed minded when it comes to trying new things?

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