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Are you missing a key ingredient to self love?

Posted Jun 17 2013 8:23am

What does self love mean to you?

Think about it for a bit, write down your own self-love manifesto, and then read on!


What did you write?

Did you include “the staples?” (healthy eating, regular exercise, yoga, meditation, giving yourself some downtime after a long day of work, taking a walk in nature, reading, etc.)

Awesome. Whatever you wrote is awesome. Because it’s true to what you need in order to give yourself the care that you need.

What about listening to your intuition? Did you include that?

When we think about self love or self care, we often turn to things outside of us. We think of a spa day, a manicure, a “retail therapy” shopping day or a trip to the movies. But we don’t often stop to think about our intuition – what that deepest and truest part of us really needs. Isn’t honoring that the ultimate act of self love?

Listening to our intuition is one of the key ingredients to practicing self love. Why? Because in your intuition lies the nooks and crannies of you. It’s your core. It’s your truth. It’s the real you. 


What I’ve been learning lately is that, while listening to my intuition is a massive ingredient to practicing self love, it doesn’t necessarily always pan out in a fluid manner. When we listen to our intuition, we sometimes upset people we love – because they want us to do what they want us to do. And their perception might be different from our perception. This is when we FLAP our angel wings . ;)

When we are called to do important work in the world, we sometimes have to do stuff that seems insane to people. I remember one of my mentors, Doreen Virtue , talking about this on a podcast. She got the hit to write a new book and wanted to release it as soon as possible. So, she disconnected herself from technology for the entire time she wrote her book, so that she could laser-focus herself on this book. She said that some of her friends and family got mad at her and were really frustrated with her for not returning their phone calls. But she followed her intuition, finished the book, and it became one of her most successful books to date. Most importantly, though, she felt like she has really given herself an act of self love. And, as a result of doing that, could serve others in a big way by releasing her book.

Just because we follow our intuition doesn’t mean things are going to be hunky-dory. Think about some of the most influential people in American history. Anyone, really. Martin Luther King listened to his intuition. John Lennon listened to his intuition. Oprah listens to her intuition. All are promoters of peace and equality and, while their causes might be different, their messages are the same and those messages come from the same place: their intuition. And despite the haters, they listened to their intuition and stood by their strong values. And, as a result, have made massive impacts on people’s lives.

Listening to our intuition takes courage. And courage is self love.

Self love is giving myself permission to be who I really am. It is listening to the gentle-yet-firm voice of my intuition and following its guidance. It is giving myself the same amount of compassion and kindness that I have for others. It is accepting and embracing the love that lives inside of me, and having the courage to express that in my own unique way. 

What is on your self love manifesto? I’d love to read yours. Let’s start a self love chat in the comments section! Happy Monday, everyone.

Stay lovely,

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