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Are You Leaving Your Commenters Hanging?

Posted Jan 14 2011 12:00am
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Without discussions, there is no community

Today is not my typical way of posting. I’ve decided to let Fridays be the posting day that I let my hair down and share with you what’s on my mind when it comes to the various topics that I write about on this blog.  I haven’t decided what to call it as of yet.  Maybe you can give me some suggestions.

These posts are fun and stress free posts.  Sometimes, I’ll share something funny (videos) and other times who knows what I’ll share, but I will always keep it related to topics that I post on this blog.

Today, I’ll tell you how you can keep your commenters happy.

I read many blogs and sometimes I leave comments. Throughout my blog travels, I have noticed that some blogs don’t offer their commentators a way to stay in the loop of discussions.  Don’t leave your commentators hanging like that.

You love receiving comments on your blog and I love receiving replies.  But it is hard to follow the discussion if there is no way for me to subscribe to your comments. In order for me to follow the discussion, I must return to your blog periodically and check the comments, but I usually don’t do that because it is time-consuming.

There is a way your commentators can follow discussions on your blog without having to keep returning to your blog. Installing a plugin helps your readers follow the discussions, if they so choose.

Subscribe to Comments Re-Uploaded is a plugin that enables your commentators to sign up for email notifications of comment entries.

Subcribe to Double-Opt-In Comments is a plugin that allows your readers to receive notifications of new comments to an entry with the double-opt-in feature.

While you’re at it, make sure you install the CommentLuv plugin . CommentLuv is not a must have plugin, but it will help increase your comments and keep your commenters hanging around.

These days, there are some bloggers (not me) who will not comment on blogs that don’t have CommentLuv enabled. Give CommentLuv a test drive and see how it works for you. You might be surprised!

Have you ever been on a blog and decided that you wanted to subscribe to updates?  You search the blog, but there is no (Really Simple Syndication) feed or a link to subscribe by email. Blog owners you are missing out on potential readers who want your post updates. Please add a way for potential readers like myself to subscribe to your blog.

If you have a feed through feedburner , grab the RSS feed code and/or the email subscription code and put the codes in your sidebar. You don’t need a plugin.

When potential readers decide they want to receive your blog updates, you’d better have a way for the reader to get your updates. If not you will lose potential readers and you don’t want that.

Have you noticed any of the above on the blogs that you visit?  Do you make those blogs your regular stops?

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