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Are you Happy?

Posted Nov 16 2011 7:16am

kid laughing with hat over eyes

Yesterday I had a 1st grader ask me, “Miss Lindsey, why are you so nice?”

A little take aback by the question, I paused and said, “Well, I don’t know really. It’s just how I am I guess?”

The little girl didn’t seem quite pleased with my answer. She said, “Well, I ain’t met anyone as nice as you. You smile an awful lot. You must be really happy or something.”

At that point I realized I had a big smile on my face. I said, “I guess I am pretty happy. And I just like being happy around you all too.”

The truth is if you asked me, “Lindsey are you happy?” I probably would not shout out an enthusiastic YES!!

I would probably say, “Well I guess so. I’m a little overworked, always tired, my back is giving me problems these days, and financially things are a little tight. But overall I guess things aren’t so bad.”

You might shoot back (if you are ballsy like that), “Um, well you didn’t exactly answer the question Lindsey. Let’s try this again, are you happy?”

“Um, I suppose so?”

“It’s not a wishy-washy question, it’s a yes or no answer.”

“Ok, fine I guess I’m happy”

“Wow someone is non-committal….”

“Geez! I’M HAPPY!!”

“Thank you. Much better.”

Yes that was an entire conversation I had with myself. Don’t judge. You just choose to not write about your inner dialogues on a blog.

Even though I might have a hard time admitting I’m happy all the time (believe me I’m not Mary Poppins singing to the birds outside) I do find myself having a reason to smile more time than not.

In order to appease my inner child, I thought I would list out things that make me ridiculously filled with joy right now:

Fall colors on the trees. Just obsessed beyond words .
Sweating my little heart out in a gym class.
Coloring with my 4-year-old niece…and letting myself forget I’m 28.
Pumpkin mixed into my morning oatmeal.
Running into old friends randomly and having plenty to say to one another.
Good glass of red wine with a home cooked meal.
Reading all of your lovely comments, you really are incredibly kind and witty people!
Finding an old photo of me with my grandfather to frame.
Having someone tell me, “Thank you. You did a really good job.”
Listening to Head and the Heart and singing with my husband in the car
Meeting and interviewing incredibly creative people at my local favorite shop Trohv
Hearing a child say to me, “Miss. Lindsey, you’re the nicest person I’ve ever met.”

Yeah that feels pretty damn good :)

Now it’s your turn! What is making you absolutely 100% happy beyond words these days?

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