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Are You Cleaning Your Drip Coffee Brewer? Know What To Do For The Best Result!

Posted Dec 04 2012 7:52am

Coffee lovers have always loved to prioritize their taste and quality while preparing each one of their cuppa joe. If you’re one such coffee addict, wouldn’t you want to customize the taste of your coffee and brew it to perfection? If yes, read along to know how to keep your cup of coffee tasting good-till-the-last-drop.

Drip filter coffee makers are one of the easiest coffee brewers. With such a handy and convenient system around, you just need to maintain the brewer to keep preparing the perfect cups of coffee.


Why should you clean your drip coffee brewer?

Preparing your coffee on a regular basis subjects your coffee maker to deposits of aged oil and water minerals. Cleaning your coffee brewer will only help you enjoy the perfect and heavenly taste on a regular basis. If cleaning your drip coffee brewer can help you achieve such amazing results, why not go ahead and clean the brewer! Moreover, cleaning the coffee maker is very easy and economical. Cleaning your drip coffee maker can also help in increasing the efficiency and longevity of your appliance.

Follow some of the given ideas to clean your coffee brewer and enjoy the heavenly taste of coffee:

1.     Clean with citric acid: You can clean your coffee maker with citric acid. Here’s all you need to do for cleaning your coffee maker:

a.     Add four cups of cold water to a solution of 1 oz of citric acid in four cups of hot water.

b.    Pour this prepared solution into the water section of your brewer.

c.     Let about half of your solution run through by turning on your brewer.

d.    Let the solution sit for 20 minutes after you stop the machine.

e.     Using eight cups of cold freshwater, clean out everything by rinsing at least four times.

2.      Clean with vinegar: If you’re cleaning your coffee maker after a very long time, consider cleaning it with a strong solution of vinegar and water. The solution should contain equal parts of water and vinegar. You can also use this solution on a regular basis for cleaning basis. In such cases, your solution must contain one part of vinegar and two parts of water. This method can be used to clean your coffee brewer in a similar manner. You need to rinse the appliance just twice to get the required cleansing effect.

Even if you have the best drip coffee maker, you can encounter problems if you skip regular maintenance. It is imperative for you to work towards keeping your drip clean at all times. You can dramatically improve the durability of your coffee maker by keeping your coffee maker clean at all times.

You should clean your coffee drip at least once a month. If however, you reside in a place where the water you use is hard, consider cleaning your brewer more frequently. This is because residues of calcium and magnesium accumulate and result in wear and tear of your appliance.
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