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Are you a newbie?

Posted May 11 2010 11:33am

You may remember the post in which I wrote a few tips for a newbie runner training for a race .  It was inspired when my friend asked the facebook world if she could train for a marathon in a year.  My response: absolutely.  If this newbie can do it, any newbie can.

Just what is a newbie, though?  I use this word often because I feel it best applies to the way I feel in the midst of the healthy living blogs and in my own healthy transformation.  I’m a newbie runner, a newbie blogger, a newbie healthy eater.

I believe everyone is a newbie at some point in their lives.  It is best described more as a feeling and less as a status: being a newbie means you’re not totally sure of the task you’re taking on, but your excitement outweighs your fear and you’re willing to push forward to obtain your end goal.

I think you should always be a newbie at something, because if you’re not experimenting with life, reaching out and grabbing opportunities before they pass you by — you are stagnant.  You are a rock.  You are dangerously close to becoming a couch potato.

Often, we can start out as a newbie and quit before we reach the goal.  Let’s face it: being a newbie means always feeling a little uncertain, a little uncomfortable.  You have to rely on the fact that your goal (once realized) will be so fulfilling, it will be worth the wait and the effort.

It’s often easier to quit.

Don’t.  Don’t ever quit just because you feel like a newbie.  Instead, do the opposite: seek out someone you think is more accomplished than you and share your feelings.  I bet you doughnuts to dollars they’ll say, “oh, I felt like that all the time in the beginning.”  Why am I so sure of this bet?  Because everyone who has accomplished anything has been a newbie.

My subtitle now reads: a blog for the newbie in all of us.  I want you to feel this blog is a place you can come and share your experiences and learn from mine as well.  I hope you never feel I write to you in a way that is condescending or haughty.  Never should you feel I’m sharing something with an air of “I can’t believe you didn’t know that!”.

That’s a promise from me to you.  One newbie to another.

Now, let’s have a group hug and move on to my super exciting eats ;) .

When you walk into the kitchen in the AM and this is staring at you, saying “eat me”, you don’t ignore it.

You eat one two pieces of “Sam-nana” bread for breakfast.  Wash it down with a Green Monster Smoothie , old school style: soymilk, spinach, frozen nanner, PB and protein powder.  Oh, yeah.

I used the whole rye bread to sandwich up some tuna, avocado and mustard.  The rye has a chewy, almost sourdough-esque quality which complimented the tuna and mustard.  Add in some mixed nuts (walnuts, pistachios and almonds), a lil leftover Real Simple mac’n'cheese w/ cauliflower, prunes (? I don’t know how those got in there?) and strawberries and BOOM!  Lunch fit for a queen.

Pardon me, is that a strawberry or a small apple?

Check out the size of that berry beauty!  I gobbled it up shortly after taking the pic.

A funny thing happened this morning, haha.  *nervous laughter*  I got up at 6am and stumbled to the guest bathroom where my running clothes, shoes and other necessaries awaited me for my 3 mile run.  I stared at myself in the mirror for about 2 minutes, blinked, yawned and then crawled back in bed.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, it started to pour outside.  Good timing, no?

I’m not scared to run in the rain — when you’re training for a race, you need to get over a little wet and a little cold.  This morning it just wasn’t going to happen, though.  I think I’ll flipflopswitchswap my 10K schedule days around a little and maybe cross train tonight.  30 Day Shred, anyone?  My attitude is as long as I get the mileage in each week, the order doesn’t really matter that much.  It’s fine!

Just keeping accountable!

When was the last time you felt like a newbie?  Did you push through or give up?

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