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Are those weeds edible?

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm
I had the pleasure to take a tour with wildman  Steven Brill through our farm and the neighboring wooden trail. Here is what we found and learned

Edible Food We Found

Foxtail Grass - edible grains can be eaten raw or cooked.

Amaranth - we got some seeds from it ( which is used as grain ). It's great in stir fries and is easy to prepare. Enya even has a song about it :)

Lambs Quarters - European relative of spinach and beets and can be eater raw or cooked.

Wild Yellow Watercress - similar tasting to regular watercress and just as nutritious too!

Ladies thumb - another edible plant that grows plentifully on the compost heap.

Wood Sorrel
3 leaves shaped like hearts are sour like sorrel, which also grows in my garden

Wild Carrot - smells like a carrot, hairy stalk. Can eat the root and the seeds can be used instead of caraway seeds. More here

Black Locut Tree
- Black locust blossoms taste something like sweet peas with a hint of vanilla, and their wonderful aroma and subtle flavor lend themselves magnificently in a variety of dishes

Wild Amenity - can't find any info on it online, so I may have the spelling wrong. It's edible and grows in abundance. It has triangular leaves and sharp stalks and down the middle of the leaf. eat the smaller leaves without much sharp spikes.

White pine -British soldiers made their boats out of them, and it was illegal to cut one down by anyone but the gov. But it's also good for making tea from the needles I hear.

Garlic Mustard - this is the mustard seed pod with edible seeds

Wild Grapes - I think they are the Fox Grape variety, the father of the concord grape that
is very sour and
mmm good.

Black Walnuts - taste similar to regular walnuts, but much stronger. I use them in baking banana
oat cookies

Burdock Root - Used in chinese cooking

Also saw some Non -Edible, but useful to know plants
  • Common Plantain
  • Mug Wort
  • Yarrow
  • Jewel weed
  • Poison Ivy

Philadelphia Inquirer apparently had someone on the tour as well and wrote a nice article about our adventures that day.

It was a very good learning experience, and I had since discovered other wild plants that are edible as well right in my back yard.  Wild Purslane - didn't see on the tour but I had seen a recipe,  wood sorrel, dandelions.  On our stroll through the neighborhood my son and I we also saw some lamb quarters and more wood sorrel.  And then  I was asked "What's that daddy?"  and I didn't know, but I promised to look it up and get back to him.
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