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Posted Apr 07 2012 10:01pm

Hey, fabulous people!


I’m stopping in to do a little updating for you guys about what’s happening in my bubble!


First, and foremost, the FITNESS.

I’m stomping April in the FACE with lots of goals, and lots of determination to get them done!

I’m doing a little personal challenge I’m calling #AprilWithJillian, wherein I do a Jillian Michaels workout every day! This, for me, consists of 5 days a week of Ripped in 30, and 1 flex day, of either Ripped, or her Yoga workout, plus 1 day of rest!

via my instagram

So far, so good! I’m really making it a priority, which is surprising, to say the least.


I think one of the reasons that I’m able to stay focused on this goal, is that it’s sort of a “sister goal” to another really important goal in my life right now!

I’m working on writing my novel, and I’ve pledged to write ~1 hr or ~1k words every day.

I think I’ve stumbled onto something, in this “joint goal” thing… somehow, having the two together, seems to have made a difference in my brain.

Honestly, the writing goal is more in my heart right now than the fitness goal… (cause I’m a sloth, I know) but if I want to have the privilege of keeping my writing goal, I have to keep up the promise of my fitness goal!

Tracking my success in google calendar, is also super inspiring. So far, I only missed one day of writing, because Daron and I went out, but I’ve made up for it with my word counts on other days, and I suppose a day of rest per week isn’t unspeakable.

My goal tracking!

Anyway, I hope, if you’re at all interested in my writing journey, that you’ll check out and follow me at my writing blog!

This site will still (and probably always be) my life-cast blog, but I’m going to keep all of my writing stuff over there.

Please check it out, and leave me a note!

Click to visit my writing blog!

Happy April, and may you kick the tail of all of your goals this month, as well! :D

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