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April 100 Challenge

Posted Apr 01 2013 11:14am
100MileMarch Update:
Grand Total: 78.75 (minus a few miles, I think)

I didn't meet my 100 mile March challenge, but I'm stoked about the almost 80 miles in the month of March. I was down and out for almost a week with the flubug, (nasty little energy sucker) which forced me to cut my mileage short for a week.
Mauka hugs make Mommy all better.
Lucky for me, my friend Kelly is ALL about 100 miles in the month of April. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't join her in this brilliant challenge?! 

You with us? April 100 is begging you to get off your ass and move. For my analytical friends near and far here's a breakdown in mileage for the month:

1. If you plan to walk/jog/run the same distance every day for 30 days you're looking at 3.33 miles per day. 

2. If you plan to walk/jog/run 6 out of 7 days per week for 30 days you're at 3.85 miles per day. 

3. If you plan to walk/jog/run longer mileage on the weekends with one rest day during the week you're at 3 miles (M, T, W, Th), 5 miles Saturday, and 6.5 miles Sunday. Change up the days/distances to fit your schedule. I prefer this one, but to each their own. 

p.s. That was a lot of work for a person who can't add 45 + 37 without a calculator. 

The time has come, are you in or are you a lazy sissy lala? 
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