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Apr 30, It's WE TRIED IT! Friday. This Week: Lysol Healthly Touch Hands-Free Soap Dispenser

Posted Apr 30 2010 12:54pm
I had seen the Lysol Healthy Touch hands-free soap dispenser on commericals and thought it was a good idea. Especially for the kitchen when my hands are covered in chicken or other messy items. So, my mother-in-law bought us one to try. We have had it next to the kitchen sink for almost two weeks now. I do like that I don't have to touch the top of the soap bottle with messy hands. Especially helpful when my hands have raw chicken, eggs or meat on them! But, I don't like that it goes off and wastes soap when you move other objects too close to it or if you try and move it out of the way. (It does have an on/off switch, but every time I grab it to turn it off, it squirts out more soap!) I also don't like that it uses antibacterial soap. (You have to use the refills and can't add your own soap as far as I can tell) Lysol may have a non-actibacterial soap option that I haven't seen. That would be nice! BOTTOM LINE: I wil keep the Lysol Healthy Touch soap dispenser in the kitchen because I think it is worth it when I have raw meat on my hands. I am hoping I can find regular soap for it so I don't have to use antibacterial AND I hope I can get used to it enough that I won't keep wasting soap by getting too close to the sensor!!
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