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Apps for your Health and a LIvely Ass Tip

Posted Mar 02 2011 2:38pm
Eek. Spring just come already. I hate waiting for spring to come. I am seriously over winter at this point.
But the sun is shining so it's not all bad.

Today I'm talking Apps, specifically Health apps or apps that can help you get healthy or fit.

I'm not app crazy but use a few - and if you have any health ones to suggest - bring it on!

I should state I have no connection or alliance to any apps, but feel some of these can be helpful...

Health Apps:

  • Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by Myfitness Pal: I would never count calories but I think keeping track of what you eat is smart. Knowledge is power.
  • Good Food - Bad Food - a food tracker. especially great if you eat out alot.
  • iFoodDiary - another food tracking app
  • Water Your Body - an app that keep you on top of your water consumption
  • Serious Nutrition Tracker - an app that gives you a tracking of food but also gives you some guidance on nutrient needs. 
  • Dirty Dozen - an app that gives you a guide to what fruits and veggies have the most and least pesticide residue. 
  • Green Smoothies - I know people don't like to eat them but these inspired recipes will have you knowing more about food and wanting a smoothie.
  • CarrotLines - helps you shop for healthy foods by scanning products. You can customize to meet your needs wether they be allergies or nutritional needs

  • Exercise Apps:

  • Couch to 5K: love it helps you run and train for the distance, you can pick 10K, or even more
  • Streaks Motivational Calendar - this is great with whatever habit you are trying to create, be it healthy eating or getting your ass off the couch.
  • FitFu - and app that helps you exercise and will even count your sit up reps. Very cool.
  • Six Pack App - self explanatory - remember summer is lurking
  • Daily Burn - does tons of stuff from fitness to nutrition.
  • So have some fun look for apps that will motivate you or get your interest in tracking your food or exercise again. Creating a life style and therefore a maintainable habit is what we're after here.

    Lively Ass Tip: 

    Buy small plates.
    If you're trying to lose weight and eating healthy and still can't seem to drop any weight. It's likely your portions are too large. Eat of a side dish instead of the huge dinner plate and keep to portion sizes like 1/2 is a serving of a grain, or a piece of meat that is the size of a deck of cards. The good news. Greens mean go. So eat as much as you want.

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