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Appreciating Life

Posted Oct 24 2012 3:37pm
I seriously can’t believe we are already coming up to the end of October?! I mean, where the hell are the months going to?! Scary stuff..especially because the start back at university is dawning upon me. I am really taking my year out for granted and before I know it I’m going to become a stress ball eeek! Ah well. I shall take the time to appreciate my current situation and what things are great at the moment…

1. Having time to have a lazy breakfast at 11am. I’m not lazy, honest….

And not just any breakfast. This my friends is the best porridge ever. My love of Perkier  started when I saw first them at the FreeFrom show in London earlier in the year and I was instantly attracted not only by their gluten free range, but their porridge because they do an extra special Gingerbread flavour. I used to be in love with the Dorset cereal’s gingerbread porridge before going gluten free but this is about a million times better. Gluten free or not, this beats it hands down, trust me.

I think it’s probably down to the fact that it has much juicer raisins in, but also actual real gluten free gingerbread pieces which I admit I eat straight out of the bag…<3 Just perfect for winter. And no, they aren’t paying me to say this. I’m just in love with this breakfast :) If you want to get some you can just email them and the owners are really lovely and provide a good personal service which also just makes it extra special.

2. Going to the gym in my own time without time constraints in between lectures. And speaking of going to the gym, I am changing things up as of now.

I’m going to attempt to reduce my body fat percentage by lifting more and so in returns the use of protein powder for me. It has been a while! And for the first time I am using a whey protein now that I am not longer strictly vegan in the form of the PhD Pharma Pure and this is probably the best protein powder I’ve ever tasted – in chocolate orange flavour! <3 Really yummmm. I am drinking this straight up after my weights sessions. I have been lifting for a few months now but not too heavy but even still have noticed a slight change in both my strength but appearance so we’ll see how it goes. I may just give up in a few weeks but I’m quite determined on this one :)

3. Shopping time. Maaaaybe a little too much…naaaah!

I got myself a new eskimo hat for winter! So cosy and makes me smile heheee :)

I also got some new workout gear. These are just from H&M, they have some really cool stuff in at the moment in terms of sportswear and together the capris, sports bra and top all came to £30 odd which can be the cost of one item from some brands!

A new find…Smashbox is a brand that specialises in makeup for photoshoots, originally from the US but now available in Boots. I have never used a primer before but after trying this, I realised what a difference it makes to the finish of your foundation. It looks and feels a lot smoother and just gives you a nice even finish, no wonder they use it for photoshoots! I got a small tube to start off with for testing as they have different types for different skin types but I will definitely buy a bigger tube next time.

4. Taking time to practice with my camera and appreciate nature

Enough said really…

5. Exploring new raw foods

I’ve been looking around the net for raw foods around the world recently and have made a few orders. I have definitely fallen in love with raw food at this stage of my life and on the odd day have even eaten 100% raw by complete accident!

6.  Being able to do my work in my own time

Yep, the sketchbook work starts once again *sigh* I do like just doing it in my own time as opposed to doing it in the studio at uni though.

What have you appreciated in life recently?

Any goals/plans for November?

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