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Posted Sep 22 2011 3:01am

Now that fall is upon us…

Apple season is upon us, too

I go through times of the year where I am really into apples

And it helps that they’re cheap this time of year, too

Sometimes I eat them plain

Sometimes I dip them into this

Or this

Or into homemade Dark Rum Caramel Sauce

Or I make Apple Crumble (Vegan, GF, No Bake)

I like it just as much, if not more than baked, traditional crumbles.
And I really, really love crumbles and crisps.  Well, okay, I love oats + brown sugar + cinnamon + fruit.  <–can’t go wrong

And you can be a cheater and make a 1 minute microwave apple crumble (vegan, GF)

Or I dice apples into small cubes and combine them with blueberries and use them in Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes (Vegan, GF)

You can omit the blueberries or the apples and just make a plain Microwave Banana Oat Cake , too

Or smear it with PB Adding diced apples to baked goods is always nice

They add flavor and moisture to recipes

Try adding a 1/4 c or so to Cinnamon Raisin Banana Oatmeal Muffins (Vegan, GF)

 I use apples in the batter for Vegan Gluten Free Pancakes

So how ’bout them apples.  Versatile!


1. Are you an apple fan?  Favorite kind?

I know that honeycrisp are really popular among bloggers but I prefer Fuji.

I also like Gala, Braeburn, McIntosh, and all kinds of niche varieties.

I grew up near an arboretum and farmland where they actually created new varieties and hybrids.  Every year in the fall, we’d go apple taste-testing and sample the new apple varieties.  Such fun memories.

I like my apples

sweet (not a fan of tart or green apples)



thin skin

‘Red Delicious’ apples should be outlawed in my book because they are both mushy and have really tough skins.  A double whammy.

2. How do you like to eat your apples?

As I said, sometimes plain, sometimes dipped in things, and sometimes I bake or un-bake with them.

Plus you know what they say, “An apple a day keeps the chocolate monster away.”

See my Themed Recipes Compilation Post for recipes by type, i.e. recipes featuring Mango, Bananas, Lemon, Coconut Oil, and more

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