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Posted by naz

Hi my bro is residing in USA …he is currently 33 years old…in 2006 he was suffering from appendicitis…when he realised that his pain was unberable he went to see a doctor…on oct 26 th, unfortunately trainee doctors performed appendectomy and laparoscopic surgery on him….2 days later he felt pain again and returned to the doctor..there was some abscess left   and was subsequently drained out using a needle…and was sent home….4 days later he had 115 dgrees fever…he was taken back to the hospital and on november 7 th emergency surgery was performed on him where 168cm of his small intestine and 9 inches of his colon was removed….he was in a critical condition therefore remained in the hospital for 1 month….certain therapies were applied and he regained his health therefore he was discharged….ever since he came back from his sugery he is suffering from chronic diarrhoea and just recently about 6 to 7 months back he has started vomitting….it seems that whatever he eats is thrown out of his body either through diarrhoea or vomitting…..he is becoming weak day by day… at times he even faints….he is 110 pounds, weighing down from 160 pounds…currently he is on medication…he is consuming loperamide and vytorin….his GI doctors have recommended him to get a CPM machine fixed under his arms….it is really heartening to see our brother….doctors have even refrained him from doing heavyweight jobs …currently he is not working and neither is he getting any support as he has got 2 kids and a wife to look after….even the wife is not working as she has to look after her 2 kids ….please give some suggestions as to how he can regain his health and lead a normal life like he used to……

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