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Apparently Always AWOL

Posted Jul 20 2009 12:00am

That’s what I think AAA stands for now.  Let me tell you about the bundle of drama that was my day today.  First of all, I woke up late for my first meeting.  It was at 6:30am, but I thought it was at 7am.  Luckily, I woke up at 6:15 because I wanted to put together some materials for the meeting… of course, I didn’t have time to because I discovered that it actually started at 6:30 at about 6:25.  So I hurriedly called into the meeting (which I was hosting) only to realize that my passcode had expired and I was not able to join as the moderator.  I was already late, and the rest of the team was already on the call.  I had to reset the passcode, then email out a new meeting invite with the new call-in information.  All the while, people were pinging me asking “Is the meeting still on??” and I had to tell each and every one of them to hang up and call back in to the new number that I had just sent out.  Oy vey.  So the meeting pretty much ended up starting at 7am anyways.  Only without any materials on my part, and with me already being exhausted and wanting to go back to sleep!

That being said, physically I was feeling a lot better than I expected.  I really thought I was going to be very sore today from the 12-mile run I did last night – but I’m not feeling any soreness at all.  I am very tired, but I think that is a combination of the insane weekend with all of the family (two families, actually), the 12-mile run, going to bed too late and getting up too early, and all the work I had and have to do.  I am a little annoyed because I was trying to look at the stats for my run last night, but my Garmin got reset in between the two sections (I think I reset it accidentally… I’m still getting used to my new 405 and the touch-screen functionality… hitting things by accident…) and so it registered the first 5 miles I did and the remaining 7 miles as two seperate runs.  Bummer!  I have been looking for a way to merge them, but haven’t been successful yet.  If anyone knows of a way to combine them into one run, please let me know!  Either in the software on my computer or in Garmin Connect – I tend to use them both.  Anyhow, I posted both runs on Garmin Connect:

So I’m proud of the run, even though I was slow.  I go back and forth between feeling really proud of myself and feeling really ashamed.  I’m proud because a year ago I couldn’t run a mile.  I couldn’t even get out of bed, having just had my surgery, and had to basically learn to walk and move again.  So being able to run, let alone run 12 miles, feels like a huge accomplishment.  However, there is that other side of me that remembers that two years ago I was just clocking off half and full marathons (at a much faster pace) and now am ecstatic to complete 12 miles.  Argh.  I am trying to focus on the first mindset.

I had so much going on at work that I didn’t have breakfast this morning (gulp…) I almost never miss breakfast, it makes me grumpy for the rest of the day.  Lunch was my customary turkey salad, I will spare you the pic, and then an afternoon snack of Kashi GoLean cereal mixed with Fiber One.  Then things got interesting.  In the morning, Stephen asked me if I would eat dinner with his family and the family from Montana, because the Montana family is leaving tomorrow so wanted to spend some last time with them before they left.  I said sure, and was trying to help come up with suggestions of where we could do.  The Montana family actually is trying to save money – throughout their trip here they have been trying to not spend too much.  They are already paying for their hotel and we went to Outback Steakhouse over the weekend and they paid for everyone – including me and Stephen and his family – even though there were more of us than them.  So I thought, why don’t I invite everyone over to my place for dinner tonight?  We could just pick up some pizzas or something at Safeway, get some drinks, and just hang out.  I never have really had more than two people over to my house at the same time, so I was kind of excited about the idea.  Stephen called his family and they thought it was a great idea, so plans were set for everybody to come over at 7pm.  That’s when it hit me and I started getting stressed.  My house was kind of a mess, and I have never had a party or anything…  I try my best but I am no Martha Stewart.  I thought this would not be too bad, though – I just needed to do some cleaning and would bake some cookies.  Everything else would be taken care of, as they would bring food, drink and themselves.

At around 2:30, I went to the gym (did 30 minutes on the elliptical – taking it easy after yesterday’s run) and to the store to pick up some butter and some other things to make the cookies (and some groceries for myself, including some completely unneccessary pringles and jello pudding cups, both of which were on sale.)  I came back to my house around 3:30, pulled my car into my garage, and went to get all of my bags out of the trunk.  And then… I locked my keys in the trunk.  So… I couldn’t get in my car, and I couldn’t get in my house.  I’m sitting outside, on my front porch, with my gym bag and 5 grocery bags and with 12 people coming over to my house in 3 1/2 hours.  The first thing I thought was, shit… I’m going to have to break a window.  I didn’t have a spare key anywhere, and of course Stephen had given his back (as had my neighbor) after I gave it to them to look after my cat while I was out of town.  All of a sudden, I remembered when I was younger (I think this really happened… maybe it didn’t and I am just remembering wrong at my old age of 26) that when we were locked out of our car a police officer was able to help us get in.  So, I called the police.  Actually… I called 911 because I didn’t have the phone number for the local police.  I told them that it wasn’t an emergency but I didn’t have the local police number, and explained the situation.  They told me that because of liability reasons, they were unable to help me and that I needed to call a locksmith or AAA.  Yes, AAA!  I totally had forgotten I had that… perfect!  So I called AAA.  The woman who answered my call was very nice and told me she was dispatching local assistance and that they would be there in about 20 minutes.  So I sat down and waited.  20 minutes went by and no one came… then my cell phone rang.  When I answered it, it was an automated call saying “There are delays in your area.  Assistance will arrive 20-30 minutes from now.”  Great.  So I sat and waited some more.  30 minutes later… no one had come.  My cell phone rang again:  “There are delays in your area.  Assistance will arrive 20-30 minutes from now.”  Are you freakin kidding me?  More waiting.  By this time, I had eaten an entire can of pringles and 2 jello pudding cups (without a spoon, no less.)  Still waiting.  And did I mention it was about 90 degrees, I was in disgustingly dirty gym clothes and had chocolate chips and butter melting in my grocery bags next to me?  And, oh yeah, I had 12 PEOPLE COMING OVER TO MY HOUSE AT 7PM??  I received the same automated phone call 4 TIMES.  At about 5:45pm, I was still sitting outside waiting for someone to come.  That’s when I broke down – I called Stephen, having a complete meltdown.  I didn’t stay on with him long, though, because I noticed my cell phone battery was on it’s last bar.  I was afraid it was going to die, and then the guy would call me when he arrived and I wouldn’t answer and he would LEAVE without letting me in!!!  After hanging up with Stephen, I realized that I literally live two doors down from a fire station.  So I walked down there, desperate, hoping that a friendly fireman would help me.  After all, they get cats out of trees, right?  Surely they could help a poor girl into her car?  Nope.  They looked at my tear-stained, sweaty, dirty face, apologized… and chuckled as I walked away.

Finally, help arrived and I got into my house at 6:15pm.  Approximately 45 minutes before everyone was to arrive.  Stephen showed up at about 6:20, as I was getting out of my warp-speed shower.  Bless his heart, he came with some drinks and freeze pops, thinking I was still outside on my porch.  He also asked the families to come at 7:30 to give me some extra time.  So I had time to get ready, clean up a bit, AND bake snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies!  They didn’t actually end up arriving until about 7:45… I was so thankful for once that they are always late!

They brought yummy organic pizzas from a pizzeria in Santa Cruz.  Three different kinds:  Greek, Pesto, and Italian Chicken (I forgot to take a picture of the greek…)

So… even typing it all again exhausts me.  But the evening went really well – everybody loved my house and had a great time.  And I can now officially say that I have had a get-together in my house!

I made it through this day.  And all it took was a can of pringles, a six-pack of jello pudding snacks, four slices of pizza, and 10 cookies.  Argh.  Healthy eating tomorrow for sure.

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