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Any Excuse for Happiness

Posted Mar 17 2010 12:00am

Kalimera my darling readers <3

I’m going to kick off this post by repeating the timeless wisdom of our mothers: LOOK. BOTH. WAYS. Look right, look left, look right again. Whether you are driving, cycling, running or walking, please be careful when crossing busy streets! I was almost hit by a car yesterday as I was leaving my building. I followed my pedestrian signal but, unfortunately, the women poised to turn right must have just missed me as she checked the oncoming traffic. As a result, she ended up driving right into me!! Thankfully, her window was open so she heard me scream before she could go fast enough to knock me over and do any serious damage. She felt horrible, I felt horrible, and the whole thing could have been avoided if we’d both been more careful. Lesson for you my loves!

Anyway! Other than that, I had a wonderful day. I woke up early, went for a really nice light run:

  • 3 miles, all at a steady 6.2 so that I could zone out, listen to my music and prepare for my day. It was very meditative!

I had a six hour wonder of class today, and ended up eating my lunch outside with some of my best friends in sunny Yonge & Dundas square. Toronto really comes ~alive~ during the “summer”, and though this warm weather was too good to be true (and we’re going to drop next week, sigh) we were all giddy about being able to wear tshirts outside.

“Today is one of those days when I’m just happy to be alive,” I exclaimed to one of my friends. “Look at how amazing everything is. We’re out eating lunch, the sun is shining like crazy…”

He looked at me, baffled, and said: “How do you do it? You are the happiest person I know. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you upset about anything.”

Well. I thought about his question for a couple of seconds, then invited him to share my mentality. I’m doing the same with you now, here <3 The secret is to look for any opportunity to be happy. Try to find an excuse to smile and go out of your way to make somebody laugh so that you can laugh along with them. I lead a wonderful, happy life, but that’s because I choose purposely to dwell on the good things that happen to me every day, and to look forward to the things that will bring me joy tomorrow, or the next day, or the next. I am always excited about ~something~.

  • What are you excited about? Weekend plans? Your Christmas Vacation? A particular class you have today?

This mentality sounds cliche’d, and you know? It is. But the people who apply that word here are bitter and sad and don’t appreciate the total joy of just letting go and having fun (even if you’re doing ~nothing~) with your friends, your dog, alone, etc. I believe in joy. I believe in light and laughter. I believe that when I see something funny, God’s seeing it too, and I often pray up a quick: “Hey, did you catch that one? hahahaha!”

By exuding happiness you attract people to you. You will find that you make friends easily and that you rarely have bad days and bad nights. And when you do? You’ll be able to focus on the good that happened in that day, and armed with your happy thoughts, will be able to dream yourself into the future, away from the funk that you’re currently in.

  • What are some of the simple things that make you happy every day? Dwell on them by sharing with me! I love that Dolce pounces on my cell phone alarm every morning. It wakes me up laughing most days.

I wish you all the greatest happiness my lovely readers <3 we all deserve it!!

Now that I’ve invited to you into my mentality, why don’t I invite you to my table so we can revert back to the foodie-blog and talk about some of the great eats I’ve had:

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!!!

Yesterday’s breakfast was hot peaches & cream oats -again-. I know, I know. I’m sorry! I won’t do this again, promise hahah. I have a ton of new oat flavors to try, including maple & brown sugar, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate-banana-coconut- & pumpkin bread. You won’t see peaches and cream up here again for awhile, I just had to use up the lonely half-peach in my fridge ^~

It was such a bright, beautiful day that I just couldn’t decide on what to eat for lunch. I wanted to eat the sunshine and the new leaves!! So I pretty much did. Lunch today was a gift from nature <3

Fresh red fruit & a green monster

I totally just realized that my GM bottle looks like a beautiful hourglass-figure! Hah. Vavavoooom ^~ My curvaceous GM had:

  • 1/2 cup almond millk
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 whole banana (Frozen)
  • 2-3 handfuls baby spinach
  • 2 leaves kale
  • 1/2 cup frozen honeydew
  • vegan protein powder (vanilla)

It was perfect! An awesome pairing with the fruit for a sunny lunch that was bursting with energy and health.

After school I took myself up on a sunny walk to Yorkville, Toronto’s upscale neighborhood that houses two of my favorite stores in the whole world: Anthropologie & Whole Foods.

I took myself to Anthropologie first, and headed straight to the sale section. As it’s not quite spring yet, I made this a household shop and not a clothing excursion. I ended up buying:

really cute dishtowels...

... to hang on my oven door!

and an adorable bowl for my breakfast photos in the morning <3


Let me explain. I saw him on their website months ago and absolutely loved how quirky he was (~very~ Where the Wild Things Are). As my loft is looking more and more like a jungle with all my beautiful new plants, he was a perfect fit!! His price tag, unfortunately, was at $118.00. So I waited. And today when I went back I saw him on sale for $39.95!!!! Still a lot to pay for a cookie jar, but I just cashed a paycheck and decided he would be my treat. I was so excited to finally bring him home and put him in the place I’d imagined! Now to figure out what to stuff him with ^~

Then I went to Whole Foods, where I was equally successful. I found a ton of things that have been on my Blogery Shopping List for ages!

pure mexican hot cocoa, amazing grass, mary's crackers, dark-chocolate-covered cherries, tempeh, chia seeds & sunflower seeds to sprout myself!

I’m really excited to try the Amazing Grass that I’ve seen all over the blogosphere, and the tempeh is great as it isn’t frozen so I can make it much faster <3 I also bought some ready-made brussel sprout salad as I’ve never had brussels and I want to give them a go before I try to make them myself:

Whole Food's Brussel & Maple-Pecan Salad

I put this on a bed of Shirataki (yam fibre, gluten-free) noodles:

Delicious & Light - especially for a pasta dish

This was amazing! I kept the sticker that listed all of the ingredients in the salad although it seems like a very basic roast recipe :) I’ll make this soon, especially now that I know I like brussels.

Lastly, for breakfast this morning I put those chia seeds to good use in my first ever Yoghurt Mess:

The chia seeds made this so thick and so filling

  • 1/2 cup organic vanilla yoghurt
  • 1 heaping tbsp chia seeds. Combine overnight and in the morning, add:
  • 1 whole banana
  • 1 handful strawberries
  • Lots of millet flakes for crunch!

I really enjoyed it. If the chia seeds weren’t there, this totally wouldn’t be enough breakfast for me – actually it would be a wonderful dessert, as I’ve often seen the lovely Jessica do. This way, though, I enjoyed every single spoonful of my “breakfast parfait” haha:

Could you start off a day much better?

This was a long one! Thanks for bearing with me <3 Have wonderful Wednesdays and remember, today make a conscious effort to be happy. Smile and laugh and you’ll see very quickly that you determine how your day turns out to be!

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