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Anxiety Monster

Posted Feb 10 2011 1:37pm

I really hate to say this, especially since I’ve been so freakin’ happy on my “no-diet” plan lately… but it’s time for me to make a few changes to my lifestyle again.

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Thanks to some major life-changing decisions I’ve been considering lately (haven’t discussed this on the blog yet, but I’ll talk about it in the future!), the Anxiety Monster has been making a regular appearance in my life this week. *sigh*

Come to think of it, my body has reacted pretty poorly to stress and anxiety for most of my life– starting as far back as when I was a toddler!! I’ve always fainted at the idea of getting my blood drawn (literally, I passed out on my grandma’s lap as a 2-year-old!) and I experienced major panic attacks in college, when I considered transferring to another school.

Apparently, my body is a big ole’ wimp.

But since this isn’t my first rodeo, I have a pretty good idea of how to manage my anxiety. It just isn’t very fun.

Here’s my plan of attack:

Aren’t you glad you’re NOT me right now? ;)

Really, the caffeine and sugar (even the natural kind) will be the hardest for me to cut-back on, but they are also probably the two BIGGEST factors affecting my anxiety! And if you’ve ever experienced an anxiety attack, you know how awful it can feel– giving up coffee and reducing my sugar consumption is really a small price to pay!

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Headaches, cravings, and all.

In case you’re wondering why the diet-change is so important…

Did you know that our intestines actually have a HUGE impact on depression and anxiety? I learned more about this while reading Crazy Sexy Diet (which, by the way, is quickly becoming one of my favorite books EVER!) this week! As I understand it, our intestines actually have their own nervous system, almost like our body’s “second brain!” Hence, when our intestines get clogged and overwhelmed with processed food or mis-combined meals, we can actually feel anxiety or depression as a result! Pretty crazy, huh?

If you ask me, this is great news– because my diet and lifestyle is something I can control! I don’t need drugs to manage my anxiety. Just a little re-vamp.

Remember the book I read on Natural Relief for Anxiety a while back?

The other non-negotiable factor for anxiety treatment is exercise. And not just the “walking for 30 minutes a day” kinda exercise–> the kind of exercise that makes you sweat and gets your heart pumping! The book recommends running (or an equally challenging type of cardio) for 30 minutes a day, every day. No excuses.

So, I guess I better get running! (or rebounding – I think that counts, too!)

I’ve got plenty of green juice waiting for me when I get home, too!

Pressed Juicery delivers to my door step!! Not having to make my own green juice for the next couple of days is a nice break for me!

Wishing you all a stress-free day! :D

Reader Feedback: Have you ever had an anxiety attack? How do you handle stress, anxiety or depression?

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