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Posted Dec 07 2012 6:35am
AIDS is a looming threat to the future and is one of the most dreaded disease encountered by the mankind, and  considered a  social stigma by our society which leaves the victim in a no win situation.

According to the figures by WHO as well as by UNAIDS more than 34.2 million people were existing who were infected with the HIV virus. These figures were taken in the year 2011. That same year 2.5 million became newly infected, and 1.7 million died due to AIDS related diseases, including 230,000 children. More than two thirds of new HIV infections are in Sub Sahara Africa.ANTI RETROVIRAL THERAPY AND AIDS

If a person infested with HIV is left untreated, the victim will develop signs of HIV related diseases within 5 to 20 years. However, the time between the HIV infection and an aids diagnosis can be between ten to fifteen years and can be longer.

From the year 2011-2015, World’s Aids Day will have the theme of- getting to zero: zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination, zero aids related deaths.

With recent advances in access to ANTI RETROVIRAL THERAPY (ART), HIV positive people now can live longer and happier life. At the end of 2010 six million people in the low and middle income countries availed of the benefits of ART. But sadly more than seven million people are still not able to receive ART. Ironically they are not able to avail of the benefits of ART.

HIV has now attained the position of a chronic disease as none of the current available drugs can cure HIV completely, but suppress the viral replication.

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