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Posted Oct 14 2009 10:02pm

Ray Salomone, Personal Trainer and Wellness Activist

Childhood obesity is rising. Kids and parents are getting fatter by the day. In some parts of the country a normal weight person stands out in a crowd. Parents should be in crisis mode, but sadly, many are not and they continue to gorge themselves and stuff their children with food.

But now I’m noticing a disturbing new trend. Young teenage boys are now developing eating disorders. What was once only thought to affect girls, young boys have now been caught up in this. I see it on the streets ofNew York City. I hear it from concerned parents, teachers and pediatricians.

 One parent told me of how their 13 year old stopped eating breakfast at home, opting instead to join his friends at a local snack shop before school. This raised a major red flag in my mind and I advised them to follow their son to see if he does eat before school. Sure enough, he was skipping breakfast.

 Next I advised them to hide their bathroom scale and to see how long it took for their son to protest. I received a call only an hour later.

This is a serious problem that needs attention, first from parents who must be the first line of defense with any issue. Then teachers and educators and wellness professionals such as myself. I’ve never been hesitant to tell a parent their child was fat, now I must do the same if I feel their child is too thin.



Ray Salomone   Personal Trainer and Wellness Activist

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