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Another Day with Nemo Plus a Run

Posted Nov 02 2012 8:39pm

Day number two with Nemo.  We got up promptly at 5am for breakfast and a quick walk.  Nemo then went back to bed with Jimmy and I decided I should try to head out for a run since it’s been well over a week.  I had a plan to do 5 miles, but quickly made a decision to run only three.  I mean Nemo was missing me back at home so I didn’t want to keep him waiting for too long.The three miles felt great and I’m glad to be back out running again.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll make it out for 5 miles.  I later took Nemo for another 3 miles walk- So, I guess you can count that as a total of 6 miles for the day. ;)  It looked like my neighborhood was starting to get cleaned up.  There were still a lot of trees down, but I ran on a few roads that were in the processed of getting cleaned up.  Always a good sign.

As most of you know by now the NYC Marathon was cancelled today:I posted my thoughts on the whole Marathon debate earlier this week.  I think it was smart of them to cancel the event.  I never thought the Marathon should have gone on in the first place but overnight an uprising and division among New Yorkers started that it only made sense to cancel.  It’s just too bad that it had to come to what it did.

As most of you may know I had dreams of running in the NYC Marathon.  I was hoping to run in the marathon next year- either by lottery or a charity.  Right now, I’m not sure where I stand.  The NYRR has not announced if the marathon will be postponed or just cancelled so what that means for next years race is still up in the air.  A lot of people worked hard this year to get their guaranteed spot in the race and they should have that.  But, if the race is cancelled this year- then all the runners who were supposed to run this year need a spot for next year which in turn means getting into next years race will be next to impossible.

I think this is a sign that maybe I should find a different marathon to run next year.  If anyone has suggestions for some good ones let me know!

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