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Another Dating Hall of Shame Entry

Posted Mar 07 2010 5:17pm
It was a gorgeous weekend here in Boston. To bad it went by so fast. One minute it was Friday night now it is Sunday night.

Saturday, I was supposed to meet Swarmy Match Guy at Bar 10 in Boston. I didn't think I had anything nice to wear so I spent Saturday shopping. I bought a cute red and black top at Lord & Taylor. I have to say that they have one of the better plus size sections I have seen.

I also stopped at Lane Bryant. I tried on one of the boyfriend shirts, a buttoned down shirt. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I asked myself when they baby was due. It made me look pregnant, which is not the look I was going for. Pink and orange were in full force in the store. Both colors look terrible on me. It disappointed me.

After shopping, I got ready with the new shirt, some jeans and some brown knee high boots. I was looking good! I was pretty nervous walking to the bar. I saw Swarmy Match Guy at the end of the bar. He invited me to sit down. I ordered a glass of pinot noir. He already had a glass of wine.

He didn't talk very much. I was nervous trying to keep the conversation going. He suggested that we move to a table, which we did. After he said down, he said "Why don't you come closer." I was fine where I was sitting. He then put his arm around my waist and went to kiss me. I was like no. He then backed off.

When the waitress came to ask if we wanted another drink, he said, "No." He told me he was meeting a friend at another bar. I was like, great have a good night. I got up and left.

I was happy to get out of there. I was not at ease. I was not happy that he grabbed me after meeting me for the first time. He did not want to mess with my redheaded temper.

I was happy to be home. I fell asleep by 11.

Today, I went on my first long walk since the fall. It felt awesome to have some sun. I walked down to Wollaston Beach. Lots of people must have felt the same way, because it was busy there. Lots of dog walkers, motorcycle gang members, who I wondered if they were like Sons of Anarchy, couples, creepy older men sitting in cars, it was a busy day at Wollaston Beach. This may be a spring teaser, but I like it.
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