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Another blog post about running? Really??

Posted Sep 13 2012 11:26am
Sometimes I wonder what I used to blog about!
Honestly, when I have days that I do other activities for a workout, I don't feel like I have done anything!
It really is an odd transformation.

If someone had asked me 4-5 months ago if I would ever be 'that person'...
I would have said absolutely not. Would have laughed in their face!

I have started receiving emails and messages about running and how did I get motivated and how do I stay motivated and things like that.

I have talked about it before; how some friends were running and I ONLY did it to support them!
On friend in particular, Leah, has been the key to all of this for me.
I ran for her. I ran to support her. I never did this for me.

Running is NOT easy. Don't let anyone tell you that it is.
It is something natural that our bodies CAN do.
We are built for it, we are totally equipped for it.
HOWEVER, our brain seems to believe otherwise.

So, I am telling you it isn't easy...
Does that make you want to give up?
Does that make you not want to try?

Let me tell you the HUGE secret...
The running never changes. It is the constant in all of this.
It is YOU who changes!
Mentally, physically, even emotionally...
YOU will change.
You get stronger.
Your body gets a rhythm that you don't have to think about.
That voice in your head gets quieter.

Yup, there are good running days.
There are bad running days.
There are AMAZING running days.

There are days you just throw in the towel and walk. Your body has those days and you will know when that is what needs to happen.
Or quite the opposite...
I went for a walk the other night and I ended up running. I just had to. It felt right. Ran about 2.5 miles after walking 1.5 miles and then I walked another 1.3 miles. It was great. I was sweaty. (I like that.)

There are so many people that motivate me.
Look, and please don't take this the wrong way...

I can not imagine strapping on 20, 40, 60, 100 pounds to my back and running with it.
Yet, that is what so many people are doing...
It IS possible to run when you aren't at a weight that YOU think a runner should be.

Running isn't a ride at the amusement park!
There is no weight limit in running.
Let me say that again...


The only limits are the ones that you put on yourself.

*Stop limiting yourself.
*Push your boundaries.
*Allow yourself to be outside of your comfort zone.
*Find your joy.
*Quiet your voices.
*Be proud of what you did, no matter how short, how slow, how ugly it may have been!

You ARE capable my friends.

emoticon Sweat Pink!
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