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Another “balancing” act discovered

Posted Feb 23 2011 4:55pm
Don’t let the title of the journal send you running for the hills. It’s “R&D” . As in drug and bioscience research and development. However, yesterday, this journal posted a short piece online describing some new research involving auto-immune conditions and Crohn’s disease, and how out-of-balance immune function may play a big role in these health problems.

And the thing is, the story is very readable, informative and not intimidating. The passage of interest to me:

“Auto-immune diseases are on the rise in this country but their causes have remained largely unknown,” said Denkers. “It’s possible that these diseases are more common in the West because we’re too clean. Exposure to germs trains immune systems how to respond to threats. Early protection from germs may contribute to the increasing prevalence of immune system overreactions in our population, leading to auto-immune problems like allergies and inflammatory bowel disease.

Specialized immune cells called intraepithelial lymphocytes patrol intestinal walls. Upon encountering invaders, they release messenger proteins that call more immune cells to the battleground. “Too many messenger proteins recruit too many immune cells, causing inflammation that can devastate the host’s own tissue,” Denkers explained. “Bad balance between good bacteria, bad bacteria, and immune interactions like inflammation cause Crohn’s disease.”

EpiCor is NOT a product that claims to treat auto-immune conditions or Crohn’s disease. But, the similarities in research supporting EpiCor–findings that demonstrate its ability to balance immune response–and the research highlighted in this R&D story are intriguing.

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