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Annoying Biker

Posted Sep 28 2011 7:31am

I see the exact same woman every day on my way home from work. She is riding her bike and usually wears a bright yellow reflective vest. You can’t miss her.

Well actually, you COULD miss seeing her and end up hitting her with your car, but that is because she decides to make up her own ruleswhen it comes to biking.

I’m not a bike rider and I won’t claim to know all of the laws and rules when it comes to driving. But as far as I know, bikers are supposed to follow the same rules drivers should follow. This includes: stopping at stop signs, stopping at red lights, and here in the great US of A drive on the right side of the road.

I’m not going to pull over to take pictures of what goes on because I’m too busy trying to beat traffic and get home in a reasonable amount of time. So I drew this to hopefully help you all understand the situation:


This is the (busy) intersection where I see her every day.

My approximate location (look for the ME):


The stoplight is never green when I get to this light so this is totally accurate. All I have to do is look to my left and I can see the biker (pink bike with stars):


Yep, that is her biking AGAINST traffic. The only reason I notice her is because she wears a bright reflective vest (thankfully!!!).  I can see her out of the corner of my eye and this is what she does:



Yep, just zigs and zags and ends up in the middle of the road. At this point, cars see her and slam on their brakes thinking that she isn’t paying attention. Then the useful“YOU go”, “no YOU go” hand waves start (between the driver and the biker). Sometimes the driver lets the biker ahead of them and sometimes they leave her in the middle of the road. I don’t know which option I prefer.

By the way, the roads around this intersection do not have separate bike lanes. BUT I see bikers who do follow the rules of the road and bike with traffic – and there are signs that read “Share the Road” and feature a picture of a bike, so there is some awareness that there are bikers in the area.

The only reason I haven’t ground my teeth down to nothing over this is because she at least wears a reflective vest AND a helmet. But why she thinks this is a good/safe route is beyond me.

*What habits of drivers/bikers/walkers annoy you the most?

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