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Announced the stars of the Private diet meals

Posted Apr 13 2014 4:00am
Lead: stars who have enviable graceful figure , but you often find that they will Hupenghuanyou dinner supper together , often there will be an event explosive fertilizer star burst , but in a short time they will succeed thin regression perfect body down again . Many stars have suddenly fat for filming suddenly thin , what big stars are what owners diet meals ? How can I do to easily burn fat does not rebound ?

Announced the stars of the Private diet meals


 Jessica: three meals a controlled thermal SNSD Jessica: three meals a controlled thermal

Speaking of South Korea combined girlhood impression we are a group of slender slim beauty. But in fact, many members of this group who are chubby girl , than the most famous Jessica ( ZHENG Yan ) , who Pangniu now become slender slim thanks to hot meals control method , although the heat was limited , but let weight loss diets rich people feel relaxed and happy.

Jessica slimming meals: Breakfast: black rice, grilled chicken breast , seasonal vegetables ; Lunch: black rice, grilled chicken breast , lettuce salad , nuts ; Dinner: sweet potato, boiled eggs, lettuce salad. Brown rice tea is very popular as a tea in Korea , and now you can buy in many supermarkets , tea, tea with brown rice cooked rice is rice election , to bowel detoxification diet fat burning . Vegetables and chicken are supplemented every day , choose nuts walnuts, almonds can be, but the amount should be controlled within two .

Announced the stars of the Private diet meals


Ada : carnivorous quit sugar after meals to lose weight , as Ada TVB : carnivorous quit sugar diet meals

Ada is now still active in the film The Queen , Queen plays a big heat in the latest series, " harem Zhen Huan Chuan " in which she once again laid the position as the post . Ada has a graceful slim simply do not see is the mother of two children , but she also have a slimming meals Tips owners that quit sugar carnivorous diet meals , with meat and vegetables to ensure that during weight loss nutrition, but definitely not taken into starch and sugars.

Specific loss meal Conditions: 1 , have to eat three meals a day , regular quantitative point , try to choose light cooking , eat to eat seven points ; 2 , the best meat with lots of vegetables or meat with eggs, breakfast eat refined, well-fed lunch , dinner, eat less to allocate ; 3 , to completely quit sugar and starches , fruits contain fructose , but also a period of fasting to lose weight , even drink coffee, tea, sugar can not ; 4 drink plenty of warm periods , weight loss , help promote metabolism.

Announced the stars of the Private diet meals


Small S: soup diet meals Taiwan hosted Freaky Little S: soup diet meals

If you want a super hot mom selected , it must be a small S Taiwan's famous host . Also successfully gave birth to three daughters still remain hot after the S-curve shape , which makes birth to a child fat fat woman looked really envy jealous hate. The small S admits his own weight-loss method is soup , soup is not only nutritious and easy to absorb , and sugar , starch and calories are well controlled .

Small S postpartum thin soup : Breakfast : ginger soup + green vegetables ; Lunch: sesame oil, whole grains of rice + liver + assorted vegetables ; Dinner: Diet chicken soup. In addition to these soup meal , drink little and often kidney S soup , sea bass soup, sesame chicken , pork liver soup to drink , etc. , which are required to be light meal soup without salt and oil , not only can fully nourish the body of women postpartum weakness , but also can control the calories to help you quickly burn fat .

Ny Ny is a member of Baby V.O.X . Once known as "girl warrior " Ny , now reborn , but also become a slim attractive woman. The original 54 kilograms , she is now only 48 kg . Ny using protein-based diet foods diet :
A. sleep four to five hours before the absolute non-stick food , do not eat bread , biscuits and other foods with high carbohydrate content .
B. get expert help to develop a protein-based recipes, recipes chicken breast and vegetables is centered . Eat snacks when eating low-calorie tomatoes and other fruits.
C. student in order to lose one day drink a bottle of lactic acid bacteria beverage fainted before, so this is not a hunger strike or eat a food choice approach to low-calorie foods do healthy diet .
D. breakfast must eat breakfast every day , away from the sweet, salty , spicy foods can not only lose weight but also beneficial to health , is really killing two birds with one stone effect . Dinner to eat less , and do not forget to eat vitamins every day , and this is one of the secrets to maintain a slim and healthy body .
E. daily to maintain a low-calorie food but also for sports outside , but she can only do busy work half-bath and a massage before going to bed , I got to the store to buy bath liquid bath products become important issues in her life

Kim Hyun Ya : Dance is the best weapon Legs

Kim Hyun Ya hailed as the next generation of Korean dance fairy , since cooperation with PSY " southern style" of the MV sought after hit many domestic users . Most enviable is HyunA have a pair of beautiful slender legs , and she also became the first person to replace national fairy Lee Hyo Ri . And when asked how HyunA stovepipe , she gains a direct answer is to create the best weapon dance perfect body .

Modern jazz dance, modern dance and hip-hop dance movements are needed body type , not only in the process of dance aerobic exercise , but more importantly is to promote systemic metabolism. Contrast boring machinery running and regular exercise , can make you feel happy dance movement, maintaining a sense of balance and body coordination . Like dancing girls usually outgoing , cheerful, and this is the key to people's emotions dance character can be adjusted.

Stars days personally teach Legs secret trick


Pace: SPA legs need more than the face

Nine body beauty Pace Wu from Taiwan are the envy of many stars have slender legs , perfect proportions make her beautiful anchor ranks of successful shelter for many years . Many stars have paid attention to facial care , but there was a lack of maintenance and leg massage . Pace believes leg skin due to the coarse pores larger and easier to drain water and dried red lines appear . Plus leg circulation is slow, it is prone to edema and obesity , so it must be more detailed than the face needs care and maintenance .

Bath with essential oils to stovepipe through the emulsion has a firming effect to massage the legs are thinner slimmer make way , Pace MM who think there is no need to spend lots of money to do Body Care Center , a day before going to bed with bath plus oil bath , and then stovepipe emulsion massage , to help blood circulation to the legs sufficiently to reduce the chance of edema and weight gain . I believe every day you will be able to have the same wonderful legs with Pace .

Stars days personally teach Legs secret trick


Karen : stovepipe details of life more effectively

Hong Kong singer Karen Mok legs for all to see for themselves the legs 40 million insurance stovepipe Karen believes that the best approach is to focus on the details of life . She thinks a lot of damage to the legs curve problems are bad habits in life , first Karen think girls want, more than 5cm high-heeled shoes , high shoes make a long period of tight state leg , a partial muscle accumulation. Karen except for special occasions to wear high heels , flat shoes usually are comfortable to wear as the focus .

Do not prolonged standing , sitting and holding a pose, every 1-2 hours to learn a little bit kneading massage the legs , the legs to relax the effect of promoting blood circulation . Karen also stressed the girls to try not Alice his legs , do not wear tight pants , do not over eat cold food stimulation , because these habits can cause poor circulation in the legs , causing leg edema and fat accumulation.
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