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Anniversary of the Zipper

Posted Apr 29 2009 11:47pm

Todays fun holiday is “Zipper Day”, celebrating the birth of the zipper.  Did you know that there is an actual greeting card on for Zipper day “Commemorating the Ups and Downs of the Zipper on the Anniversary of its Birth”?

That had me thinking about the ups and downs I’ve been feeling emotionally these days.  Some days feel great, like you are at the top of your game, and then something comes around to make you question your judgement or your sanity.  Each day, we all feel a wide variety of emotions, but how you choose to handle them internally, as well as project them externally, make all the difference in how you ultimately feel about your day when you go to bed at night.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  Each day, remind your self of your good qualities.  Back on April 13th, I posted a list to help increase self-esteem.  Keep a small version of this list with you on an index card each day.  When you begin to feel low, pull it out and read what is great about you and refuse to let someone else bring you down.

Confucious said:  “The nobler man emphasizes the good qualities in others and does not accentuate the bad.” (paraphrased).  When people make remarks that are negative, look past them.  Some people feel that by making others feel bad, it makes them look good.  Cannot be further from the truth!  And if you find yourself making negative comments about others, remind yourself that bringing someone down does not get you further up the ladder to success.

Life will always have ups and downs.  No one can be 100% positive all of the time, but coping with challenges rather than running from them will make you a much healthier person.  You will be able to see the “silver lining” more clearly, you will take active steps toward solutions, and you will be viewed by others as an asset and a treasure.

“To be great in little things, to be truly noble and heroic in the insipid of everyday life, is a virtue so rare as to be worthy of canonization” - Harriet Beecher Stowe.

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